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If at the age of 6 months to 1 year you renamed you dog by his/her caracter what would their new names be ????????

ABBIE - Velcro or dustybin ( sticks to you like glue, and eats anything )

SOFIE - Bouncer or horizon hugger ( took a long time not to jump up, when off lead just runs )

ELSA - Shadow or shreder ( Always just behind me and chews/eats EVERYTHING )

But all of them could be called Princess

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Oen of my old dogs was known as Mr.Bones.

This was because when he was young he was terribly thin and a very poor eater.  As he became older and we got to grips with his issues, the name stuck because it all tied in with his real name "Nalle" as friends used to called him "Nylabone".  Also when he was older he looked so distinguished that people used to say he looked like a pipe and slippers gentleman so Esq wast added. So he eventually became Mr. Nalle Bones  Esq. He even answered to the name "Nalle Bone".

My dear old dog.  Very much missed.A true gentleman through and through.

Riley would be......Pond life...because cant keep him out of it..

Cassie would be...My little sweetheart...because that is what she is...

Ellie just turned 5 months today, and she has earned the name "Godzilla". She knocks into everything, only occasionally obeys a command (if she feels like it or you have treats), eats or chews up whatever she can snag and bullies the other dogs. Yup Godzilla covers it.

Ellie has turned a year old in September and although she will still steal the occasional oven mitt or kitchen towel she has turned into a much more gracefull young lady. Blue, at 11 months still can't keep track of where his big feet are at all times. He trips over the water and dinner bowls and gets tangled up with me when we walk, he cannot fathom a straight line to save his life! He is now bigger than Ellie and can take her down when they are wrestling but she is still faster and more agile so is the master of the hit and run. It is hilarious to watch them romp!

Bajka all her life was Bajka but she had a lot of diminutives: Bajusia, Bajula, Bajusiowatka, she was sometimes also called Wiedźma, Wiedziemka (Bitch, Wee Bitch), Biesiu, Biesiu-Wiesiu

Kruszynka  - the same: Krusia, Krusiowatka

Pielgrzym (Pilgrim) - was Pielgrzymek-Olbrzymek (Pilgrim the Giant) because he was really big, we called him sometimes Socrates as he had to think through life. All his life he was lover boy but very gallant so we called him Gentleman. He was also not only called but used too as Heat Detector because he was very interested in girls few weeks before they started the season.

Kasia is also Kaśka, Kasiula, Kasieńka. I call her sometimes Kurczak (Chicken) because she is rather lean and I can easy lift her up. She is also Gównojadek (Pooeater), by the way - she loves to roll on fresh manure and eat it too!

Am I the only one who calls their setter, "Boyfriend"? lol

Quite possibly Kimberley....or not???? lol!!! Mine would be..... Merlin ....King as he is very regal and quite aloof at times, just like royalty. Harry...would have to be Prince Charming, he is a lover boy and knows just how handsome he is!! I do call him my irish rover sometimes though as he is a naughty typical irish boy....and George, the baby has always been called  Georgie or Georgie boy but he could well be renamed Stick as he is always bringing them indoors to chew or Digger.......have you seen my garden!!!! lol!!

Merlin gets called Pumpkin . . . because he's orange and sweet. Otherwise, everyone thinks Merlin suits him pretty well. He can look very wise and regal and he's good at making shoes and clothes appear and disappear. Sometimes Goofy (he's a real clown), Drama Queen (everything is done with a flourish) or Nagger (he's always talking to me to get me to play with him or go for a walk) would be more appropriate names though!

My old dog was Hamlet. That also suited him. He was incredibly regal, and quite a serious character. Shadow would've suited too, as he was black and never far from my heels. He used to get called Hamilton and Hambone but that was just because they sounded similar . . nothing to do with his personality. And he picked up 'lil G (as in Little Gangster) from one of my crazy friends, . . . and somehow that stuck!

They all seem to end up with just "The Dog" too . . . in my case "The Black Dog" and "The Big Red Dog". And when I'm dogsitting I get "Brown Dog" too. Luckily all our dogs are different colours!

Harley would definitely be The Lovely Lunatic.

Absolutely gorgeous boy but completely and utterly touched in the head and I often wonder what goes through his mind!

Bailey would be called Bonkers-because he is!! or "nuts" for the same reason! and because he eats anything and everything-even if its NOT food!!!. My sister calls him her 'boyfriend'.lol.

What a great discussion!

I think I would name them Havoc and Mayhem  or  Nervous Breakdown, no, that's what my name is now. LOL

Ok, I know that I already answered "boyfriend" but lately it would have to be "Dennis the Menace"! lol




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