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Do you have any advice how to reduce or prevent winter nose? Egan's nose has gotten lighter and lighter. Therefore I was wondering if there where some thing I should give him like some special food or vitamins?

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The keeper's wife, Anna , got to the hospital , and they have a little girl.
And it is still snowing!
Congratulations to the 'keepers Wife'
I loved reading about your lives in Scotland. I find it very interesting as I have never lived where you have such a winter. I would love to have a white Christmas one year,, just to experience it instead of 30degree heat!

Susan, do you live up in the mountains to have the fog not lift? Sounds like an place here in Australia, as soon as the rain comes in, the fog drops down and it gets very cold.
I don't know about all the others, I know that I would like it a bit wormer here but personally I couldn't take 30degree heat, it nearly kills me in the summer here, well at least when I go down south, and the dogs hate the heat too. I have real difficulty, getting Fin especially, in from the cold. Sounds like a film eh. he just loves it out there, and so do the girls to a slightly lesser degree.
I should think that the mountains are wonderful where Susan lives.
Yes, the heat knocks me about. Lose a lot of energy in the summer over here!! Dogs do feel the heat, but they adapt to everything so well. Never seems to affect them. My young boy has swims in the pool everyday during summer and he knows how to ask for them!!

I love looking at the pics of the dogs in the snow. They look like they are having so much fun! Could the snow be burning their noses???
Don't think that it burns their noses. They do have a problem with snowballs on their feet and legs etc, although it does seem to make their pads pink when they are in it a lot, but that soon goes, But perhaps there is someone out there that thinks differently, good point though...Think that kind of think is what this site is all about, think of something and ask a question, it will be discussed, and someone will come up with a yes or no.
I feed my dogs with the same dry food all the year round. The dry dog food that I use is fairly high in oil (15 %) and I also use additional oil, sunflower or olive oil. So there shouldnt be any seasonal variation in their fat intake
Which leads us back to Vitamin D!!!!, Sunlight/daylight.... everything is commanded by Daylight (length of) trees shed their leaves, things grow (green things) or die, everything has a cycle, all to do with the moon and daylight, so perhaps as it is a seasonal thing, it is to do with daylight/sunlight. As the sun doesn't have much strength in the winter months, well not here anyway. It isn't doing the job to bring the pigmentation back. Or certain dogs don't have the ability to assimilate the sun they are getting...
Gennadi, could you quote references the research you were mentioning, please?
I've also trawled around on the internet , and mostly found anecdotal stuff about cold temperatures, and lack of daylight/sunlight in winter.
Also some suggestion that pale noses can be a symptom of hypothyroidism But dont get too alarmed about that - one of my dogs who has a paler nose this winter is thyroid tested and normal

I guess that as pale winter noses are probably a cosmetic problem that resolves in the spring anyway, and dont apparently affect the health of the dog (unless it is a symptom of some deficiency), it isnt worth spending a lot of time and money researching?
But just from curiousity, I wouldlike to read anything with a more scientific explanation




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