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English Setters
Honour class dog
1st & BOB Ranger's Drake
Working dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, CAC Ranger's Elrond
Open dog
Vg 2nd Gamerights Elfrun
Exc 1st, no ticket Bournefield Frey
Junior bitch
Vg 1st Billy-Jean Beauty of Gordon
Intermediate bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, CAC Cinnamon Star von der Guldegg
Open bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, RCAC Esprit The Future English Beauty
Exc 2nd, Res VDh Ant Nice von der Wilden Horde
Exc 3rd Gamerights Emily

Gordon Setter
Honour class dog
2nd Black Mystery Chinook
1st & BOB & BIS Bournefield Arcandarco
Puppy dog
very promising Flynrock's Epcot
very promising Qwint Black Gooseberry
Junior Dog
Vg 4th Guiness Opportunity for Dorea
Exc 3rd Sundowner's Amaretto-Kiss
Exc 2nd Colinde Korrigan Forest
Exc 1st, BJIS Sunsetter's Every Beat of my Heart
Intermediate Dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Flynrock's Carlos
Champion dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Warchant Twilight Bolero
Working Dog
Vg 3rd Earl vom Pinnower Moor
Exc 2nd, Res VDh Ant Laurelach Moviestar
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, RCAC Taroc's Lycos
Open Dog
Exc 2nd Res Vdh Ant Fieldtalk's Fireleaf
Exc1st, VDH Ant Jovision's Ascot
Exc 3rd hatari vom Rosenhof
Honour class bitch
1st & BVIS Sunsetter's Rhapsody in Blue
Puppy bitch
very promising Dunja Blackpearl
very promising Flynrock's Eve Marie
very promising Dana da Silva
very promising Djinn Blackpearl
very promising Dorucan Blackpearl
very promising Qwinta Black Gooseberry
very promising Qeen Black Gooseberry
Junior bitch
Vg 2nd Harley vom Pinnover Moor
Vg 3rd Sundowner's Angel
Exc 1st Beautiful Sky magic of Elegance
Intermediate bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Bournefield Grace
Exc 2nd, Res VDH Ant Ciara da Silva
Champion bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, CAC Fieldtalk's Daylite
Working bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Sundowner's Wild-Whoopie
Open bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, RCAC Fieldtalk's Forever Rhapsody
Exc 2nd, Res VDH Ant Antinea Du Tertre Des Hauts de France
Exc 3rd Flynrock's Ace
Vg 4th Beverly Blackpearl
good Fieldtalk's Elisha
missing Woodcock's Linette

Irish Red Setter
Junior dog
Exc 1st Ramses Conqueror of Hidden Irland
missing Do Yolookatme vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Intermediate Dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Glen of McBirdy
Champion Dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, CAC, BOB Sumaric Shadow of Mr Jingles
missing Yolookatme vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Working dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, RCAC, BWIS Coppersheen Coalville Lad
Open Dog
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Ensor of Funny Home
Exc 2nd Res VDH Ant Yanosch vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Puppy Bitch
very promising Donna Bella L'amour Rouge
Junior bitch
Exc 1st Donerl vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Vg 2nd Tracy of Wildfire
Vg 3rd Queen Conqueror of Hidden Irland
good Emely vom Gebirgsjägerhof
missing Adrienne Black Gooseberry
Intermediate bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, RCAC Girly Girl of McBirdy
Champion bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant Winny vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Open bitch
Exc 1st, VDH Ant, CAC Frisbee of McBirdy
Vg Yaska vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Exc 2nd, Res VDH Ant Eila von der Erleswiesen
Exc 4th Ayka vom Gebirgsjägerhof
Vg Skibbereen Heather Pride of Ireland
Exc 3rd Angelina L'amour Rouge

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Comment by Christoph Ostendorf on August 4, 2008 at 1:51am
Thanks for the results
Comment by Susan Stone on August 4, 2008 at 5:19am
Many thanks Alenka, for putting up the results. You certainly had a very long and hot day at the show - sorry we had no time for a chat!
I have a few pictures of the irish setters, dogs, go to
Comment by Silvia Lindner-Rae on August 4, 2008 at 7:51am
Thanks for theresults - Harry is very proud of his uncle Mr. Jingles !
Comment by Charlotte Godart - Riverwood on August 4, 2008 at 8:08am
Thanks for posting all results !
It was very nice & again ... hot day for us and dogs.
Comment by Christiane Lohmann on August 4, 2008 at 2:42pm
Hi Alenka !
Thanks for letting me be in the ring with you. Although I had the experience of a lobster and looked very much the same sunday night.-))) I will have to learn more about sunblockers and make-up for summer events. Never had these problems when staying out to judge trials in april or september/october;-)
Hope you had a good flight back home, mine was very fast indeed..stewardesses had only very little time to pour out drinks and collect the waste in between start and landing.
What a pity I can not come over end of august to find some quails ! Would have loved to do so !
Hope to meet you again soon somewhere on this planet. Maybe Budapest...Let's see.

Kind regards
Comment by Alenka Pokorn on August 5, 2008 at 4:53am
Hi Christiane, yes sunblock and makeup work magic at summer shows. No sunburn for me this time. Had very uneventful trip home and unfortunately back at work now. I was sorry that the dogs had to be shown in such heat, but there was plenty of shade when they did not have to be in the ring. Was a very nice show altogether. Will have to come back next summer as exhibitor.


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