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Life is tough for me ...


I don't get proper food, I have to take the meat off a bone ...


or funny potatoes ...


my brother, Darwin, gets to sit on the rug, but I am left on the stones ...


they even want me live in this funny kennel ...


does it look safe to you?


Darwin gets to lie beside the radiator, and I have to cuddle up to him to be warm ...


I am so miserable!

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Comment by Karen McKelvey on July 26, 2011 at 12:01pm
So cute looking forward to seeing him soon
Comment by David McIlveen Wright on July 26, 2011 at 12:03pm
Maybe on Saturday?
Comment by martina mckeag on July 26, 2011 at 12:24pm

David great photos but im on my way to get poor Mac i just can't  watch any more

poor we thing

Comment by Laura Kolbach on July 26, 2011 at 12:33pm
hahaha, smiled all the way while reading :)))
Comment by Danica Morarova on July 26, 2011 at 1:02pm



Comment by lyn hathaway on July 26, 2011 at 2:09pm
he looks sooooooo miserable take pity on poor mac lol :)) :))
Comment by Astrid Landsaat on July 26, 2011 at 3:01pm
Poor Mac, what a miserable live! :)))
Comment by Michelle Walsh on July 26, 2011 at 3:14pm
Poor, poor little Mac ! he's like the little Oliver of the puppy world...can someone please rescue him from all this torment ?? :)
Comment by Yvonne Wark on July 26, 2011 at 3:18pm
Keep the installments coming we need to make sure that things get better for poor wee Mac!!!!
Comment by James Doran on July 26, 2011 at 3:39pm

He's got the ''bad to me'' look perfected already!!!  You're done for David!


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