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At 6:08am on July 18, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Hi Christiane, great to see you on this site. There are quite a few people here already who hunt with their Irish. Love, Alenka
At 6:12am on July 18, 2007, Christiane Lohmann said…
Hi Alenka !
Thanks for the invitation ! Great idea to start this group.

Regards Christiane
At 7:04am on July 18, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Yeah, Gene has been our "fairy godfather". It takes a lot of work to create and manage such a group. Specially if it will continue to grow by this rate. In about 10 days there are already over 90 members. And from so many different countries. Hope it will help people appreciate the differences in the breed. Love, Alenka
At 8:25am on July 19, 2007, Mirjam said…
Hi Christiane,
Nice to see you also here! I see I forgot to add your litter on my page. Oops...I had exams that time. I'll change it as soon as possible!
Bye! Mirjam
At 3:06pm on July 21, 2007, Kate Reshetnikov said…
Hi Christiane,thank you very much for interest. I am from Moscow, Russia. My husband used to have Irist back in Russia and now we are having beatiful Iish puppy in CA.
Ruby is from Rose Valley Kennel.
Her mother iz Zazoo: http://www.rosevalleykennel.com/zazoo.htm
Father is Dusty:http://www.rosevalleykennel.com/dusty.htm
Please tell me more about your dogs.
Best Regards, Kate
At 3:12pm on July 21, 2007, Katariina Roiha said…
Hi Christiane! Thanks for inviting me to join here!
At 3:14pm on July 22, 2007, Kate Reshetnikov said…
Hi, Christiane, thanks for info about Ruby's grandmother, i am so proud she has europian insestors.
Your work with Setters sounds very interesting, keep me posted about your success. As known Irish Setters are not retrievers.
At 4:12pm on July 22, 2007, Henk ten Klooster said…
Hey a party is always nice:))))) We have big party here now, part of the village is one big Bierstube with schlagers as well.

So you are a virgo.... How does that feel.

WC Belgium, probably English setters and pointers. In a population of many thousands we have in Holland only a few IS qualified: Drumrue Kerry, Pallas Green Gina, Redwing White Lightning.

Whats the German team????

Good new on the whiskey!!! I got three bottles this week, all from hunters.

See you Henk.
At 7:31am on July 23, 2007, andreea ciuca said…

Great to see you!

Best regards!
At 10:14am on August 2, 2007, Susan Stone said…
Oh Danke - ja, ich habe auch geseufzt.

Bin eben zurück von einem 3-Tage Training im Elsass. Hat Spass gemacht!

Liebe Grüsse
At 1:36am on August 3, 2007, redhotstar said…
Hi Christiane,
thanks for your kind comment. Seems you did a great job with IS for that many years, thats admirable!
take care,
At 7:20am on August 31, 2007, Henk ten Klooster said…
Christiane congratulations! Happy day after birthday. Good to see you are still going strong for the working Irish setter. Cu Henk.
At 6:10pm on November 4, 2007, Judi Schuerman said…
I love the photos and the websites you share with us. I like to copy the website address and send it to my friends who train German Shorthair dogs for hunting.
At 10:09am on November 20, 2007, Agnieszka Dufrat 'Neiven' said…
Hi Christiane,
My breeder Renata has got really nice girl from your kennel. She call Lohmann's OTTER-FOKKA. Good luck at the shows and on the fields.
Best greetings form Polnad
At 11:41pm on February 6, 2008, Rob Clay said…
Hi Christiane,

Sounds like you've been having a great time, hunting different birds in different parts of Europe - what could be better?

We've been having a good time down here in Australia on the quail, last year was a dry year, which means there is less cover and fewer birds, but we still managed around 600 finds. This year the summer rains have been much better and I'm expecting to have a much better season this year.

Do I recall from our chats on another site that you got or you saw a Kilsheelan pup from New Zealand? If so, what is the breeding of the pup/dog and what are you're thoughts as to it's perfromance?

At 3:04am on April 4, 2008, Petra Kasznár said…
Dear Christiane,
Thank you very much for your congrats! I wish he could be able to work still for a lot of years!
How are you and your reds? What did Elfriede do on the EC of Irishes in France?
At 4:00am on April 4, 2008, Kristina said…

I looked at your web site and I am very impressed by your dogs.

At 4:03am on April 15, 2008, Dee Rance said…
Hi Christiane, yes I will be very interested, I don't know the owner personally but I was 'in' from the very beginning of this young mans life, had very many 'looks' as to which one should be sent to Germany it was such a good litter I actually had two others from this litter to stay and I campaigned them for the first couple of months so I feel like a ''grandma'' to them all, thank you for letting me know, I actually thought that he had done his first test, that is what you get when you get everything second or third hand, thank you again Dee and the girls
At 8:41am on May 13, 2008, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Christiane, sorry it took so long to get back to you about the trials I thank you for the results although I couldn't read a word, everyone English is better than my language skill (actually they are non existent) I can say hallow and goodbye in a few languages but that's it Thanks again Dee and the girls, Please keep in touch Dee
At 8:50am on June 19, 2008, Petra Kasznár said…
Hi Christiane,
I'm very glad to hear about you again. Hunting? What game can you hunt in this period with irishes? Stockholm! Wow! Sounds very exciting! Have a good time and I hope you will share your experiences with me. I'm still sad because I don't really understand the news on your homepage, this way I can not be uptodate in changes. Puppy plans developing? What do you mean? Is there any of your girls in season?
Thanks, I will pass your regards to Andy, I'm sure he will reply with tail waving!
Waiting for news.
Bye, Petra

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