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At 2:30am on July 13, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Hi Mary, welcome to this site. You have some lovely dogs. Hope you will enjoy it here. Love, Alenka
At 3:44am on July 15, 2007, Carmel Murphy said…
Hello Mary,
Glad you liked the photos!! I cant claim all of them(Shane took the puppy funny face shot!! my favourite!) But I love to photograph my dogs whenever I get a chance. This site has some great photos!!
At 8:18am on August 2, 2007, Anne-Marie Hearn said…
Love your photos !
At 7:43pm on August 2, 2007, Amy Noyes said…
"Around ten?" Very cute, Mary -- sometimes I have trouble them counting too! ;o)

But, seriously, love the photos. I have admired your dogs and the dogs you breed for a very long time!

At 9:30pm on August 2, 2007, Deb Contardi said…
thanks Mary...I love that picture too!!!
At 7:35am on November 1, 2008, Di Andrews said…
Hi Mary,

Oh my goodness 5 generations of Evergreen. You must be so proud. What a beautiful photo, and so wonderful your girl made 15. How great to see what each generation brings to the breed.
Regards Di
At 4:26pm on November 1, 2008, Laura Kolbach said…
looking into the same direction is always difficult. i have problems there with my two dogs :-))
a friend of mine will have 5 as well withing some weeks, when the pups are born. oldest member is 13 years and well, the newborn puppies as the 5th generation. but yes, it is very rare!
At 4:45pm on November 1, 2008, Di Andrews said…
Hi Mary,

Just had a look at your photos, your dogs are just beautiful. You really know the breed. I started my career as a special ed teacher too, life took me though in another direction. So great to visit your page.

Regards Di
At 4:04am on November 2, 2008, Kristina Brannlund Westin said…
Good Morning!

It is so very charming to see those oldies, still going strong. I just love the old ones.

Greetings Kristina
At 1:39am on June 5, 2010, John B. Hughes/Absinthe said…
You have some really beautiful Irish and great pics of them. I just found you and your dogs on this site-fun! You appear to have found the fun in it-congrats! I look forward to becoming a future relative-John
At 12:12pm on December 11, 2011, dorothy rhodes said…

mary i, this is dotty used to live across the street from you many moons ago..Do you remember me???? I used to help you with your setters??? please get back to me..

At 10:28am on December 24, 2011, Rick Fiacco said…

Hi Mary,

Just joined the list... Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Hugs to StringBean, see you at the Meadowlands.  Did you get in to Westminster?


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