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I ment to keep a very low profile indeed, but lets have this one as well before I fade quietly in to the background and shut up, shall we? Its dead-safe and every breeder can join in!
How do you name your litters?
Do you start at A?
Do you have a theme, and what is it? Does it follow through all your litters or has each litter a theme of its own?
I grew up during the 60`s and my life was very dominated by the 60`s + 70`s style of (mainly british) music. I went to art school in London during that time, so for me the choice of names for my puppies was easy.
Mainly pop/rock stars.
I pick a star = Beatles, Stones, Elton John, John Lennon etc and then use suitable songtitles for each puppy.
So A John Lennon litter, a Stones litter etc.
Quite fun and makes (so I think) for some great names.
I also once had a puppy-buyer choosing between two dogs, unable to make his mind up. So finally we played both songs and he picked the one he liked the best!
See...THAT was a safe thread was it not! :-)

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I've used two methods of naming my litters, alpha and theme. I've found both methods easy to find names for puppies with help from their new owners. I find that it helps to keep track of which litter a dog or bitch is from if they are in a theme or alpha type naming sequence. I learned this from old timers here in the U.S. when it came to naming their litters. Doing pedigree research was made much easier by knowing the theme of a litter or the alpha of the litter. For instance, I had A, C, D and E litters in Irish Setters, what would have been the "B" litter was just 4 puppies and I split those 4 puppies with the co-breeder. My two puppies had Northern in their registered name after their Grandsire Northern Sunset. The male was Rustwood Northern Storm and his sister was Rustwood Northern Mist. My A litter was also a split litter with a co-breeder, my half of the litter all had A words in their names and the other half was the co-breeder's O litter, also with O words in their registered names. We each used our own kennel names however. Breeder friends of mine years ago would use an S theme for a bitch puppy back from a litter that they co-bred and an R theme for a male puppy back. They sold all of their show quality puppies on a contract for puppies back from their first breeding. That way, they charged an initial purchase price for a show quality puppy that was less than half what other breeders were charging. It was a good way for a novice owner handler to acquire a show quality Irish Setter. That was done quite frequently in the U.S. in the 1060's and 1970's, not as much now as back then tho. They were the only breeders that I would co-own a dog with until I purchased my Borzoi bitch Traveler. Since I do not intend to breed Borzoi and she's a lovely show bitch, I preferred a co-ownership with her breeder as long as any litters she breeds out of her, she also whelps those litters herself! LOL!!!! At my age, I don't want the amount of work involved in whelping and caring for a rambunctious litter of puppies, much less dealing with potential puppy buyers. Also, with the co-ownership on Traveler, if anything happens to me, she would be returned to her breeder and not go into a rescue program. My two grown daughters have multiple dogs of their own and would find it difficult to make room for my spoiled furkids too.
I know this is unrelated to the subject here, but could you please tell me what LOL means? It has appeared on a few posts and I am puzzled! I have come across OMG(Oh my god-I think!) It wasnt something I came across when I lived in U.S. in 70's!!
Carmel(Behind the times and puzzled!)
Laughing Out Loud!!!!! And there's also: ROTFLOL, Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud! And a jillion others, most of which I don't understand. I'll bet a million bucks that there's a list somewhere on the internet that explains all of them!

LOL in English means Laughing Out Loud, ROFLMAO is Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. VBG is Very Big Grin, OMG is what you think it is, TIA is Thanks in Advance, TTYL is talk to you later, etc., etc. Americans love slang.
Ha, ha I especielly like ROFLMAO! Maybe I will use such slang in Swedish.
Thank you Carmel!
I was totally clueless as well!
Glad I wasn't the only one puzzled!!! Thanks to everyone for clearing that up and I now can understand my American friends a little better!!!VBG!!!!
i have a whole list of those - veeeeeeery long one. will look for it and post the link.
it is needed to understand americans IMHO :-)
Hey dont do this to us...we seem to have great difficulty understanding each other on certain subjects as it is...tets not use code as well! :-) NOTE SMILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont worry Ursula!! I dont intend using the American code just needed to understand it!! And smileys are great!! ;o)))) Sorry for drifting away from topic of puppy names!!!
TGFT! =Thank God For That!
I keep forgetting about those smileys all the time...normally not something I add to any text-matter.
You may drift as much as you like Carmel!!!!!!!!!
Its OUR site, if we want to drift we drift...and it was a justified drift!




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