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Irritating things that OTHER dog-owners do...

Laura got me thinking about this one when she had a quick moan about stupid setter-owners in another discussion. So as the discussions seem to have come to a grinding halt all of a sudden, lets start a fresh one...this one is about what irritates you about OTHER dog owners and their dogs.
Not us on this page...but all the rest...
Personally I get totally pissed off when dog-owners let their dogs dash straight at my bitches and stick their noses up their behinds. My bitches normally sit down rapidly and show how displeased they are about this un-gentlemanlike behaviour.
Normally the dog-owner will then come out with something like: "Oh dont they like other dogs?"...or "He just wants to play!"
That to me, is rather like walking in the street and someone just dashing up and grabbing my breasts.
I would get somewhat enoyed as well!
More than "somewhat" actually!
Labradors seem to be experts at this...and their owners seem to accept it.

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Oops, Ursula - I do hope the swedish men are not quite as uninhibited as the swedish Labradors... (but I'm going off-theme). It may have to do with those net stockings of yours, you know.

My pet hate is coming across a fellow dog walker (usually female) with a big big dog on the lead. The lady sees us, gets all worked up, then wraps herself with the dog around a tree and stands there, with her dog barking a fletching his teeth as we walk past. Luckily my 4 setters just totally ignore the beast and saunter by with not a care in the world... I grit my teeth a try to give a non-chalant greeting;-))
I too see some bad owner behaviour at dog shows! The worst offence is allowing male dogs to scent mark anywhere including indoors!! A well known exhibitor at a show in Belfast last year allowed her dog to pee on a rubbish bin inside the building even though the door was feet from her to the outdoor exercise area(it was a beautiful dry day!!)Or the owners who let the dogs scent mark on the beautiful flowers ring side!! But the same thing happens in towns etc., owners letting males pee on anything and at any time!! I think some owners don't seem to know that the dog is only scent marking and not actually needing to have a pee!?
Do you have a differant breed of Labradors in Switzerland? Ours over here all seem to be ready to leap upon any unsuspecting female...friendly enough but only after one thing. Like no finesse at all.
And no, swedish men do not walk about grabbing breasts.
Not so that I have noticed...:-)
what I do not like is when owner have their bitches not on a lease when they are in season and then yell get your dog she is in season.
So I have to get my dogs on a lease to pass her
And that means I cannot let the boys run, because they will go after her..
i don't like people (can be whatever sex and age nowadays) that pick up their "little white stuff" as soon as they see another dog and let them bark continuously while in their arms and wondering why the other dogs go there and check...
i don't like people that are soooooo omniscient (according to their opinion of course...) and besides this want to share their views.
i don't like people whose first sentence starts with "he only wants to play" - and get angry when i start to explain dog behaviour (not that i am an expert but i can still distinguish between play and sexual harassment...)
i really really really don't like dog-hating people - but i think everybody could tell stories about this...
i tend more and more to dislike people asking me if odin and danka are sisters (or a "couple" or mum and daughter, etc). why? because they don't listen to my answer and ask the same question again in a week's time...

i am sure i am going to complete the list soon :-) maybe it is me who is sociapathic???
Well no wonder this discussion sort of started in your name Laura!
You look as if you NEEDED this thread badly...! :=)
oh yeah. i forgot to mention that i really dislike people picking on me!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Having learnt all this american stuff (see, we do learn from another on this site) here it comes:

i realy hate people who are jealous , so jealous on others succes with the dog that they start rumours a.s.o just to bring this dog and its owner in a bad daylight , i hope you understand what i mean , this is something what happened to me and my dog and still hurts very very much
that is true also !

i can cope with normal rumours spreading around , but this time it went to far , maybe some day i will share it with you , but now i am not ready for it.
Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience from someone and rumors. Its a fact of life here in the USA that if you have a top winning dog, or any dog doing some winning that others are going to start a rumor about you and your dog.

Nothing people like better than tearing down those that are at the top of their game. I specialed my Abbott for a few years myself and I found out I didn't have nearly as thick of skin as I needed and we weren't even in the top 10, just the top 25 for the country.

I figure if they are talking about me and spreading rumors then they are leaving someone else alone for a little while.

Maybe we should start a discussion on what rumors are going around about us, and we can set the record straight. < grin >

Loma and Red Friends
oh, I my favorite thing is to start rumours ABOUT myself *VBG* - and actually see how they come back to me, and in what they turn into :)))))) It throws off the malicious people and inadvertently they make an a%$ out of themselves. *VBG*




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