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The older I get, and the more interested I have become in dogs and what makes them tick, the more tolerant have I grown as far as other breeds are concerned. I have ended up with a breed (had you asked me when I was in my early 20s) I could have sworn I would never ever have. I used to think sighthounds was definatly a "no-way"-breed for me, now I can think of quite a few breeds in that group I would like to at least try. Who (but elderly ladies) would possibly want a toy-dog? Not me!
(And I dont feel Im as old as I thought you had to be to own one!)
Im now in to my third.
My first encounter with bordercollies was in the early 70s in England. I thought they were bloody awful! OK if you had sheep, but otherwise...a very definite NO!
Now I am very seriously considering one and have got as far as to study pedigrees and check out differant breeders.
Yes I know that this is a site for Irish setter lovers...but what if you had to choose another breed, what would it be?

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Fine you liked them too. I haven't recognized the breed yet till the end, but I talked to few breeeders and looked at dogs many times - for the beggining - seems to be fine. I'm only a bit afraid of hounds and their passion for tracking

Haha, I must have a large "hound" in Setter disguise at home then... Errol's nose is permanently on the go - always tracking and not listening to a word I say when he's "busy" - in fact he is not much different from the Bassets we used to have. I thought all IS are like that though...


I've been thinking about something diffrent. I know a lot of hounds that can't be unleashed. These are dogs always led on a leash because unleashed  - they are runing after the tracks and going back after sometime, even few hours.  Maybe this is a result of owners' mistakes.

My adult setters can walk freely because they are always back on my sign. I don't know will I manage to reach the same with f.e. PBGV.

I can assure you that my mother never walked her Bassets leashed in the woods (or only in an emergency when she had to get somewhere fast as Bassets start to walk VERY slowly when they realise fun-time is over). And yes, on occasions the boys disappeared but only when there was a bitch on heat in the vicinity. That said they are not the most obedient characters and are extremely willful and difficult to train. If you expect a dog to come back "on sign" they probably won't be for you. However, our dogs most definitely did not go after deer, wild bore or any other critters that we have in our woods in and around Berlin. They are such great characters though and the more I talk about them the more I want one...   :) 


Well I have owned Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the past - in fact they were my first dog to own.  Loved them.  I've also owned a Boxer, lovely female she was.  Sadly those three my ex took when we split up, but I was never happier than to take my beloved Eva with me, only to lose her a few months later to AIHA.  I have my boy now and I love him more than anything - if I had the right sized house I'd get a Beagle and a Golden Retriever.  I love Huskies as well but there is no way that it would be appropriate for me to own one unless I emigrate to Canada!! 

Same breeds mentioned here are what I would very much like to also own someday.  I like English Cockers and Welsh Springers also.  I am spoiled by the setters I have had who don't shed much at all.  Can sleep on couches and beds and not leave traces all over the pant legs.  I know how bad my Brittany shed, so I am hoping to get a dog with at least the same type shedding as the irish rather than leaving in a hair pit again.  I don't like hair that floats through the air and lands in our food.  I know when I downsize, I will have an English Cocker.

There are some breeds I like a lot:

Besides my 2 Setters I also own a Hungarian Puli, but although my Kevin is a perfect dog, I would not take one any more...there are too many with difficult character.
As teenager I had Bernese Mountain Dogs at my parents house - lovely dogs, but very bad heath.

My parents now have the second Cocker Spaniel - that will probable be my breed when I am too old for an setter.

But I also fell in love with the Poodle, specially the new red poodles or particolor - very beautiful and clever dogs.

A working bred springer would be my alternative, have owned them before I had setters and still my first love. But as I get older, maybe a Cavalier if I can find one without heart problems, syringomyelia or any of the other problems that Cavaliers suffer from. Working on that at the moment, talking to a couple of Cavalier people who campaign on breeding healthier dogs, but very difficult to find a Cavalier from lines free from serious problems

Cavaliers are the only small breed I would consider, maybe because the Blenheims go back to the same red and white spaniels in the eighteenth centuryand earlier as the IRWS. Lovely temperaments. I would want one of the slightly bigger leggier ones with a  longer muzzle than the typical show cavaliers. But its estimated around 70% of the UK cavaliers are now  affected by chiari/syringomyelia, and the figures for heart disease are pretty bad too. Such a shame that a lovely breed has been wrecked. A few people are thinking about crossing Cavaliers (MRI scanned and heart tested) with another breed to try and reduce the health problems and save the breed , I would seriously consider a Cavalier cross, depending on what they were outcrossed too

For me the only other breed that tugs at my heart strings is the English Setter. However, I could quite easily be tempted with a Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund. Judged some at a Match Day recently and what fun, cheeky and loyal little critters that they were too. I think this could well be my breed in a few years time :-). 

Having first gone through mongrels and then a Border Collie, Irish Setters captured my heart and, except for IRWS (so genetically interesting) for me there is only the Irish Setter - the rest are 'just dogs'!!  However, if pushed I'd choose a Scottish Deerhound - I really can't see myself with a small dog!! :o((

Well despite me not having Irish, I'm going to join in anyway... See I never thought I'd have another breed besides the English once I had my two boys, but before that I had Weimaraners for most of my life and I missed their versatile and biddable nature.  I have two of each now, and I think it's a lovely balance. My ES boys are gentle and quiet, and the Weims are energetic and I can persue dogs sports with them that the ES would just watch on and then walk away LOL

I do have some breeds that I'd consider as well, besides the two I have - I love the Whippet, the Lowchen, Tibetan Terrier and the cocker, as smaller breeds. Other bigger breeds i would consider would be the Brittany, Irish Water Spaniel and Greyhound. I'd also have an Irish Setter, of course :)





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