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Hi guys,
I know you may think this is far off but I want to take the time finding a top notch kennel. My fiance and I are getting married next year and because our nearest and dearest will be with us we need to find someone to look after our beloved Ollie for a week. The problem is I only have one other friend who's got a dog who I'd trust him with and she's coming away with us as my bridesmaid and my parents will be there! Every time she's taken her dog to a kennel (she's tried several) they've either come back skinny, with kennel cough or generally just don't understand what a setter needs each day. Ideally I'd have someone come here but everyone I trust (parents, brother in law) will be away too so i'm in a bit of a catch 22. I'd have him in the wedding if it wasn't for the fact that he would have to sit in quarantine for six months when he came home :-( Anyway I wondered if anyone can recommend an outstanding kennel in Essex and what kind of things I should demand (if they're taking my boy for a week I want to know he's going to be WELL looked after!)

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If you are worried about kennels why don't you use a home sitter...this is what I have always done....that way you know how he is and you can ring to check anytime you want too!
I'm not sure I'd trust someone in my home unless they were recommended to me. I would consider this too because I have three cats that would also need looking after, so that would be an easier option. So likewise if anyone can recommend a good home sitter in Essex then I would be very interested!
There are some very good agencies in the UK. All their home sitters are vetted so you should not worry about this. Also you can explain to them exactly your dog's and cats' routine and they have to follow it and report to you!
Hi Catherine, do you know how I go about finding an agency? Like how do I find one and what 'vetting' should I expect, like some certification?
I'm also wary of kennels because 4 years ago I put my cat in there and I came home from holliday to find she had a bloody hole in the side of her body and she'd suffered a chemical burn, they hadn't even taken her to the vets as 'they couldn't get hold of us' which was crap as we had our phones the whole time. I was absolutely mortified and if they could do that to a cat there's no telling what could happen to a dog!
If the marriage is next year, you still have plenty of time for rabies vaccinations and testing. Quarantine problem solved!
there is also Dog Boarding at Home, a friend of mine did it, your dog goes to stay in their house. If you google Dog Boarding at Home with your area at the end, you should find someone not too far away, you can visit them prior to making up your mind.

I can recommend this kennel.Try to call them and persuade Mrs Penny Williams.
Use a kennel who has Irish Setters or go back to your breeder
The breeder option is a great idea! Many of Rua's babies come to stay here and I love it!! I do have a boarding kennel(very small) but perhaps a kennel who know setters is also a good option! Always check out kennels and catteries before you make a decision anyway(always go for kennels recommended by people you know)
And visit kennels to see how clean and if the guests look happy with waggy tails etc and very little barking!!
There must be small kennels like that in the UK?? You have plenty of time to find a solution!! Good luck!!
Hi there .. I board mine with Jane Mugford (Lynwood Irish Setters) .. always beautifully looked after and come home to find they're never missed us :-( ... fickle Irish.
You can find Jane on here
Hi Nicky, Alison Ashley-Turner (nee Jary) is a member of ES and lives in Essex, she has two irish setters and boards dogs on a small scale in her home, why don't you contact her and have a chat. Regards Linda.
Hi! I have previously used Kents Farm based in Essex. a fabulous, clean, family run kennel. My boys came back absolutely fine. I stated what food and how much etc. and all was fine. one of the few kennels who would feed what I insisted on!
The other one in Essex that I went and did a spot check on was Baskervilles based in Essex - I have never used this one but know people who have.
I board dogs at home in my house but entire dogs don't always go down well with my English Springer who is quite particular who he shares his home with!!
I use a homesitter myself which works well as my boys don't have to go anywhere.
I have also used a lady called Clare from 'Dogs and Mogs', based in Essex who boards dogs in her home like myself...living as part of the family.
I hope this helps...




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