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This time of year is so lovely but there is a backside of it and that is my "Titos" allergic problems starts all over again. During winter no problems at all but now bathe, wash and anoint with various ointments cortison starts. What I have read this allergic condition is hereditary to a certain extent and is more common in certain breeds, and that includes setters, so I just need to know if there is some one else with this problem and if there is some other treatment than cortison treatment who can relieve symptoms.
Must be terrible with this itchy skin all the time.

//Kristina, Cherrybloom´s

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More on dogfood: Orijen is also grain-free, and now even 3 types of Acana.
Those brands are the brands that I am feeding my Ginger. Orijen and Acana are also free of chemical preservatives. I changed her diet because of her epilepsy. I noticed that she was allergic to fresh frozen food that contained grain. She is doing very well on Orijen and Acana.
have been feeding Acana for many many years and Orijen since it came to my country, 2 and a half years ago or so. very satisfied, worth every cent. even if we don't have any special issues.
I have an English Setter that has itchy skin, both from food and atopy (inhalent allergy). The food was diagnosed first, and this made no difference to his itchy skin. He was taken off of chicken when we discovered the connection, and even though the welts on his skin stopped, his itching and biting continued.
The food allergy and the inhalent allergy symptoms were much different. The food allergy caused a series of pimple like lumps, which, if left untreated with a steroid based cream, would then excrete a pus like substance, then dry out the skin and form a scab. if the scab was not removed, it would spread, and this could only be combatted with a dose of antibiotics to stop the spread of infection, combined with the cream. These spots would show up all over the body.
The Atopy was completely different. He would be itchy all the time at first, but it got better or worse depending on the season...(we had to put shirts on him on both ends to stop him from doing damage) and the itching was in specific areas commonly known... armpits, belly, feet etc. He was diagnosed with atopy by a dermatology vet, and underwent the skin prick tests to find out what he was allegic to. It ranged from various types of grasses to moulds... this then explained why it was seasonal, but also why it occurred during both summer and winter months. He then went on to have desensitisation injections, where he was injected with a serum made up of forms of what he was allergic to. He also went on cortisone to ease some of the itchiness. he was diagnosed in late 2003 and was on both injections and cortisone... by early 2005, he was completely off cortisone, and his treatment ceased.

He still gets itchy occasionally, and it is mostly during summer months, and mostly his feet and chin... but it is not nearly as bad as it used to be. If you think that it is a seasonal allergy, getting it looked at by a specialist is the way to go. there are many vets out there who do not like, or struggle, to diagnose skin problems because they can be caused by so much... but once you treat them you can see how much happier they are... it's worth the hassle to diagnose them.
Thank´s for your story Andrea!

Having had itchy skin myself sometimes I know what a hell it can be, and I will do anything to help my boy to get well.

My Pielgrzym and Bajka are allergic to insects venom. It happened only few times in their lives - I mean serious cases.
I diagnosed earlier Pielgrzym, Bajka's son, but than after reminding some situations from Bajka's life, I reached to a conclusion that she has also this kind of allergy.
I have three serious cases - all different.
It started with Pielgrzym - his body was strange, hot, soft - even legs which are rather bony, listless, he didn't want to lie down - all time he stood. I went to the vet and he diagnosed allergy - thinking about circumstances I found that one day earlier during long trip on meadows he was interested in nest of buzzing insect in old willow.
I didn't see was he bitten or not but next day shown - he was. Strange was that he hadn't any external symptoms - total reaction went inside - vet said that beginings of lungs oedema caused that he didn't want to lie down, and he hadn't any local swelling but total body was a bit swelled.
He got steroid injury and everything ended up quickly.
I even got from my vet a prescription for steroid - to have it at home in case of another meating with insects.
And some time later it really happened and I reused this medicine to Bajka biten by horsefly. It was even more dangerous beacause she was bitten on muzzle. Before I went back home with her (from meadows) a swelling on her mouth (in this case - local and external) started and even tongue was swollen - that horrified me. In that situation I made her an injection (first time in life with syringe in hand!!!) and in 10 minutes everything turned out well.
Second case with Bajka was similar to situation with Pielgrzym, everything inside, nothing outside.She was strange, weak, apetiteless, vets found her heart worked irregularly ,like very old and broken machine My experienced vet was on holiday and this time I must to curry out many tests despite my suggestion about allergy. But she got an injection of steroid. Thing lasts few days, I tested her chest, heart and blood and in the end we found that she had to much of iron in her blood which can be a symptom of venom poisoning = sting. My suggestion was good as I knew about some contact with bees.
Thinking about allergy of my dogs I reminded that Bajka had many years ago, when she was very young, few times some light red spots on her belly- maybe after meating with very small insects, not so much venomous, f.e.ants.
I must to add that each subsequent case of allergy is much more serious than earlier = allergy increases - this is specific of this disease.
So, Kristina, if Tito has problems only when is warm, in spring or summer, maybe think also about insects. He has only local symptoms - it could be another evidence.
Hi Anna!

That sounds terrible beeing allergic to insects! All summer we have a lots of moskitos, flyes and other insects. How do you deal with that? We haven´t got that warm yet so almost no insects yet, so I doubt that is the problem. Now I have bought a schampoo and and a cream only made from natural ingridients so I will try that this weekend. If it not works out I will go to the wet and make some tests on him.
Thank´s for sharing your story and hope your girls will be well.

Regards Kristina
After this bad cases with allergy I used to have at home and even take with me on trips with dogs a medecins and syringes. It could even be useful for me as I am also a bit allergic. From that time it never happen again. I'm watching always Bajka beacause she is a bit crazy - she first do than think. So in summer, if there is a lot of flies, bees, moskitos I keep always an eye on Bajka.
To keep some steroid at home (or even in bag with you) can be very handy and safe sb life.
This situation with swollen Bajka's mouth and tongue happened late evening - if I haven't steroid at home I should have been looking for a 24 h vet clinic - long way home. And the time was very important
It wasn't so long ago when a well known Polish actress died after a bee or wasp sting - in lip. She drunk water or smth from glass and there was an insect. She got anaphylactic shock, her husband was a doctor, even he couldn't her help. She died in minutes.
After that we had broad discussion in media; there were suggestions for allergics to have always a steroid with.
I think it's good idea because in case of serious allergy time is decidive.
Now I checked my first-aid-kit!!! The summer is coming!
I can also recommend Orijen. It is based on the raw diet and probably one of the best dried foods available. Also, have you considered a homoeopathic treatment? Some vets are happy for their patients to try it out alongside conventional treatment. Something else that can be applied topically is good quality colloidal silver (found a description for you on this site http://www.regenerativenutrition.com/content.asp?id=61) but I'm not sure whether this is available in Sweden?
Thank´s a lot to all of you!

Laura I haven´t heard about Orijen, is that some kind of dog food?
Thank´s Nicole for the link, will check this out and see if it is available here in Sweden.
First of all I will trye this new natural Schampoo and oil I bought a few days ago, and will se what happens.
Have a nice weekend all of you,
//Kristina & Tito
Orijen finns även i Sverige!
Inga som helst problem...annat än priset!
jag är rik :-))))))




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