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Being a Setter is...


...Running like the wind

...Sleeping with your belly up

...Mastering the art of owner training

...Putting on a mud coat and look even better

...Making your owner take off the mud coat... With a smile

...Being predictably unpredictable

...Knowing how to push sadness away

...Making a crowd laugh

...Melting hearts with a single look

...Being the best kept secret in the canine world!


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Loved reading all these ..... Murphy is in love and woke us at 4am as he thought it might be a plan to go a calling on his lady friend, his tail wagging and that smile as he strutted around the house :-)

.... Marvellous at managing diet & exercise, can convince us nobody has fed or walked him today

.... Unique grasp of technology, can make calls and update facebook on my blackberry

.....Rewards us each day with sooooooooo much fun, can never be angry for long its not allowed!

.....Paints the floor a kinda muddy colour

.....Hillarious, yesterday I put a treat in the shower, wouldnt go in till he thought my eyes were closed

.....Yippee for our setters!


oh yes, the yawning part, love it !!!
Sharing everything especially the slobber!

Thank you all for putting a smile on my face tonight reading these.......


Mine to add is...... MUST have a stuffed animal in his mouth at all times.

Loved reading these too.  A huge smile on my face.


I gotta tell this story.

I'm sitting in the kitchen playing guitar, doing my best to ignore whatever it is the fellas are doing behind me. As you know, take your eyes off a "red devil" for a second and.... so I turn around because my curiosity is killing me and there's Keba with his red floor blanket draped all the way up to his neck like a cape like some Halloween costume and his good brother Rooker on top of him playing Humpty Dumpty if you know what I mean. The antics are continuous. Pardon moi if this was too x-rated for anyone.

...using their sixth sense to know when you are sad, and giving you that special cuddle to make you feel so loved and happy


...eating cat poo out of the litter tray - urgh!


...having Tigger style legs for bouncing


...making everyone turn and look and say 'wow, look at that dog'


Absolutely adore Reds and always will.  I love other dogs too but I don't think I can live my life without one now! 

Getting their top lick stuck , which gives a funny kind of wonky smile. Doing funny dizzy circles (and wondering why) when finished eating there food too quick! Oh and blanket sucking , thieving and resting head on table to
Join in with conversation
I love the talking. Nicola, my Diva is a Lynwood and the talking is almost shouting at me, long wooooooos wooooooos with a loud whoooop at the end and all the time she is either walking backwards or sitting with her head in the air and if I pretend to talk back she goes on longer like she is having a conversation with you. Her son does it to his owners and walks backwards and they follow and he leads them out into the garden to play, cheeky devil.
...summoning you to bed because they need to use you as a pillow!
Don't know if this was mentioned- crossing their front paws while lying and leaning back and watching the goofy world go by!




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