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Hi Gang,

alway have tried to keep my dogs quiet before and after feeding for a while.

I feel the Irish gods forgot to pass that onto the Irish Setters.

Memphis after a feed is like having a dose of rocket fuel.


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You should see my house after feeding time.  It's like world war 3 !!!  Not just with my current setters, but my last one's were exactly the same.  Lotte was like a bomb in her own right !  Anyone who sees them then, would never believe they are so chilled out for the remainder of the day lol.

Our dogs go bonkers after feeding and keeping them hard is calm. 

I think the description of rocket fuel is excellent, Bella used to drive us mental after her evening meal (for some reason not so bad after lunch) and all attempts to ignore her efforts to play were futile as she was happy to bounce off the walls all by herself anyway.  We now have a routine that she gets something to chew after dinner which seems to settle her, and woe betide us if we forget to "go to the Utility room" and fetch her pigs ear/dental chew/chomp bar - she stands behind our sofa in the lounge and does this pathetic quiet moan as much as to say - you forgot.  Then if you say to her "oh, is it time to go to the Utility room" where they are stored she trots off in front of you to show you the way and supervises whist you make the days selection.  Spoilt?  Surely not.

Sound familiar Elizabeth!!!  I also have 2 girls who like to bounce around and throw toys to try and engage you to play, all after evening meal. So decided to give them a treat after they have eaten.......low and behold if we forget.......they stand on the top step next to the utility room and give you that look, little whine, big sigh............then drop to the floor like a bag of spuds...as if in a real huff!!!!......its so funny........and as for spoilt....well just a bit!!!!

"supervises whilst you make the day's selection"... ROFL! We also do the chew routine in the evening. At least it allows enough timet to wolf down one's own dinner... Slaves to the dogs all of us. Not such a problem after breakfast though when Errol just quietly goes to bed for a post-breakie nap. They are all different it seems.

Strange as mine all quieten down and sleep after meal time!


My dogs very quiet post feeds too.......they sleep..;o

Mine have carnivorous food too, but that doesn't stop them going mental.  It generally lasts about 20-25 minutes and then they are zonked for the remainder of the day.

Mine are on a total raw diet and yes they go crazy after breakfast and dinner....so much energy..I have given up trying to keep them quite it just dont work.....but they do crash out during the day Power naps I call it.


My Irish have always chilled out after their meal and been quiet and satisfied.  Before - jumping around, exciteable especially when knowing you are preparing their dinner and handing out dinners.  I only feed once a day from 18 months until they are oldies when I break up their meal to morning and night until they are real oldies (13+ when I feed them at least 3 times a day).  I have always been aware of bloat in Irish and tried to feed accordingly to minimise the risk of bringing on an attack and not allowing them to be too active after a large meal my vet told me.  Touch wood - never experience it.

Icko and Thomas are alway's very calm after eating their food .

Thomas has the problem sometime's that he eats and sukking air at the same time (Bloats )

Then i beat him with my hollow hand softly on his chest and stomag (very gentle ) and than with a big burb the air comes out .Sometimes i'm not so lucky and it comes out from the other end of de dog ..Pffff what horrible ....

Did you know that stomag torsion/ bloat most time happens when the dog is calm ..

I've read in a journal that the most occurs in evening or night !!!





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