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Just seen the Breed Statistics:

Quite (=very) low numbers???

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Yes, that was a very low entry ?
Yes very low entry especially for our breed! We had more entered last week at our Club Show!! Perhaps the cost of travelling is a major issue!! We are not easily accessable!!;o)) Or the other possibility is entry cost per dog??
dogshow fanatics travel everywhere :-)))
stockholm WW last year was not near either (ok ok, ireland is really far away, at least for me) and they had about 120 entries if i remember right. and they also require the titre test, so no easy getting into that country either...
very strange... thought half of the UK would be there as well.
Very few of the UK exhibitors travel outside of the UK.You need a pet passport and most dogs don't have this.
Catherine UK dogs dont need a pet passport to travel to Ireland and visa versa!!
Getting a pet passport should not be too difficult for anybody... Just a visit to a vet.
I think that it was the cost per dog....If I was able to go, which I am not, other commitments, (I hope)...The cost per dog would definitely have stopped me. £60 an entry, absolutely ridiculous, they were on a hiding to nothing...perhaps if they had the cost at an even lower one than the average or the same as the usual price, they would have had many more entries. Travel cost is always a problem, but people can't afford the travel on top of an entry that is nearly 3 times more than usual...just for me, 2 dogs @ £60 each £120 then cost of the ferry, and I can get a concession, £115 then fuel perhaps another £60-£70 most people can't afford it. I know I couldn't afford the extra on the entry..that all comes to at least £300 that just isn't possible for me....for just one day, and I can get home, just, in that time. If you have to add hotel costs to that as well....I rest my case.
As far as the rest of UK, there aren't many of us UK exhibitors that go to Ireland, but I would have thought that this time there would have been more, because you don't have to register your dog with the Ireland Kennel Club, for this show...
I thought some exhibitors attending the Kennel Club Special Crufts Qualifying Show for Irish Native Breeds on 31st May would have travelled over and attended the two shows. Will be interesting to see the entries for that show too. Then for Irish Setter exhibitors there is the Belfast & District Irish Setter Club show in June so I suppose people are having to pick which ones they attend as some can't afford to do all of them.
I would love to know the numbers for the CC Show on the 31st as I too would have expected exhibitors to attend both shows!! But as Dee said it is a very expensive trip to make via ferry to Ireland and the entry ect on top of that is tough for many people!! Although if you had entered early the entry for first dog was €40 and additional dogs €20(still quite high if you are showing a few dogs!)
Sorry! I thought you needed a pet passport to re-enter the UK even from Ireland,....but anyway for me from the South of England the expense would be far too much.Also it is not as if we are short of shows in the UK.
Catherine I have been back and forth to the UK both for Crufts and to visit stud dogs(all in south of England)and yes it is a very expensive ferry trip!! I wont be doing it again for a while!!;o)) Which is why I dont attend UK shows (but would love to some times!!) Hope to go to Crufts again next year(if I qualify Abbey!!)
I was also surprised at the low entry. What really surprises me is not so much the lack of visitors from he continent (two ferry crossings make it a long trip) but the seemingly lack of interest from the UK.
I would doubt it is cost because so many are willing to spend large amounts travelling around the country to the various championship shows. Is it just a lack of interest of UK show goers to travel further afield? Maybe the 'europeans' are more used to having to travel for their hobby?




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