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Just seen the Breed Statistics:

Quite (=very) low numbers???

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Susan perhaps its the ferry crossing? All shows in England,Scotland and Wales only involve road trips as do most of the European shows(for european exhibitors!) I go up to the North of Ireland to go to KC(CC) shows to try to qualify for Crufts(less expensive than going to UK) :o)) But we only have two qualifing shows per year in the North!! This is the only year we have an extra CC show!! Wish more from UK were travelling though!!
I think people are very careful at the moment with travelling expenses....you only have to see how low the entries are at the UK Shows so far this year!
That is true! Its a bad year for everyone!!
think so. and also to the higher entry fees. 60-80 EUR for a bigger show just seems normal for us. normal shows are also around 45-50 EUR.
Thats very expensive!! Our normal shows are around €20 first dog and even less(€7) for extra dogs in same ownership in other classes!! Dont think I could afford Europe!! So the cost of dog entry is not an issue for the Europeans from the main land(for this Euro show)!!!!!!!
it is just in Hungary where I can enter for a lower fee - as i am member of this kennelclub. about 20 EUR. but in all other countries i enter for the amounts mentioned above. you get discounts for the second, third, etc dog on the continent as well, but not that much, maybe 5 EUR off or so. puppies and veterans usually cost half the normal price.
so you see, life is not easy here :-)))
Very interesting!! So much cheaper here then!!!!!;o))
I think for us in the UK it is most and foremost a hobby where we meet friends....if we get a title it is the icing on the cake! with the entries we used to get over the last 30 years most of us were just happy to compete!
Camilla I do admire your dedication. For me and for lots of others too it's not just the cost involved but juggling my yearly allowance of leave from work and organising care for the dogs that are left behind. If not for that I would do many more shows. As for the Sh Ch title being the only one UK people are interested in, I will dream on until the day that may come for me but the ultimate must be a UK Ch title.
a very low entry , also for Gordons!
I'm sure it's the cost of travelling and entries that has prevented the UK show people from entering the Euroshow. The cost for me for only the Euroshow is 525 euro. I have supported the other two shows at an additional cost of 125 euro. This is just travel and entries for 2 dogs, no accommodation or other expenses are included. How does this compare with mainland Europe? The entry for the Euroshow was a lot more that the cost of UK entries, add to this every dog had to be registered with the Irish KC at an extra cost of 20 euro for each dog.

For the UK Show people there are lots of shows, many exhibitors only go to shows within a set distance that allows them to travel there and back in the same day, most people have dogs they leave at home and provision has to be made for them. Entry fees are lower here, which encourages a larger entry, particularly at Breed Club Championship Shows. It also means that even if you are on a low income, showing is not prohibitive and you can enjoy a day out with your dogs. If entry fees were higher, I'm sure entries would be lower.

I have been surprised that we have not seen more dogs from Europe coming to the UK shows, it is not surprising then to see they did not support the Euroshow. I think the low entry is very disappointing for the Judges and the organisers of the shows, but I don't think it is any reflection on them, in today’s financial climate we all have to spend cautiously.
Think you're right Rosie, it is the cost of everything; I had thought of doing at least the first two shows but by the time I calculate everything, its just too much - and I don't have to pay a hotel!!
Our show entries are about 50eu per dog; normal price; so by the time you pay the car,petrol and if far away a hotel, well you have to have a show budget and try not to go over it, so no point on spending everything on one show.




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