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Fowington training weeks & Kennel Club Training Days 2011 for Pointing Breeds

Peter & Geraldine O'Driscoll offer an excellent training opportunity for people interested in the working side of the breed:

Fowington Training weeks for beginners


The Kennel Club are adverstising their training days for 2011 on Grouse in Reeth.

KC information brochure for Beginners see KC brochure here

See the Kennel Club website for details. I can only recommend it:-))


More information here Field Training for Pointing Breeds


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Some dreams come true...
i know :-)
Are you going Susan ???
can't do everything, Carmen... can I???
Maybe:-) Sure Thomas loves to spend his holidays there...
If I had the chance...oh I would GO:-))!!!!
Would love to go also Carmen, I think Susan can do everything
Does any one know where to get the required information on how to train the basics in a setter. I have had two bitch puppies who have gone to working homes, one is tracking and one going to shoots and I have a young boy at home who is not show quality but working type and would love to give him some time as his brother and half siblings get all the attention. Is there any good books out there or websites?
Hi Deborah

To start with, here is an article from the KC Thoughts on Basic Training of Pointing breeds
If you are into Clicker training then you may be interested in the book 'Clicker Gundog' by Helen Phillips

Both these links deal with specific training for working gundogs. If it is the basics you need, then I would suggest starting with Ain't Misbehavin' - a good behaviour guide for family dogs by David Appleby.

Here is another intersting link... http://www.thegundogclub.co.uk/Reference/training/clicker/index.html

Also, you may want to look into dog training schools in your area.
Hi Deborah,
You might be interested in coming to train on Salisbury Plain. We have another training day planned in December.
Contact me on my page if you think you might want to join in........
If I win the lottery I will come and audit the whole thing - what fun!!!!
=))Me too=))
Great - the more playing the lottery the bigger my winnings;o)))




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