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My family and I are having great discussions about expanding our family with the addition of another Setter. Reuben is 3 years old now and we love him dearly and have fallen for the setter temperament! We do not want to rush into anything and also are contemplating a red and white flavour, though nothing is decided as yet. I have also looked into rescuing and am not sure if I want an older dog or to start with a puppy again.

So I wonder if anyone could reccomend the following:

1. Any other rescue sites apart form Irish setter uk
2. Good, trustworthy red and white breeders

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


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Hello louise, im in australia so i really can't help with rescue organisations in your home country or breeders. But i have a rescue Irish, I got him from the rspca here and I feel dogs know they are getting a second chance:)) He is pedigree and was found wandering streets very sad :(( to think that 7 months earlier as a pup he was the joy of someone and to now be in a shelter. I guess you always need to be mindful that there maybe behavior issues to deal with but any our boy had, have well been worrh all the effort :)) I will always have Irish and i will always check all the rescue places first. And truly I do think the Setters make wonderful family dogs with children, they can keep up with lively kids ALL DAY lol... All the best x

Hi Louise, good choice to have another setter. I have had red'ssince 1977 and I've had red and whites since 1982 if you are interested in a red and white you are welcome to contact me for a chat email me at lowdon@tiscali.co.uk and ask any questions you may have about the breed and I will help you in any way I can.


Hello Louise - we also contemplated another addition and went for the rescue option. On recommendation I got in touch with the Irish Setter Rescue Group and as a result we recently 'qualified' for an 11 months old neutered bitch. We were overjoyed of course but unfortunately the joy didn't last long as the dog turned out to have serious behavioral issues and we just couldn't keep her as she really needed someone around 24:7 and should have been - at least initially - kept in a single dog household. I don't want to go into the details here but am happy to talk on the phone if you wish. The ISRG currently has a number of dogs on rescue with behavioral problems - all beautiful dogs that will make great pets for the right person. I really feel for these poor creatures as they have been in kennels now for some time. What I'm trying to say that you can shape and mold a puppy but with a rescue from an unknown background you just don't know what you are getting into.

I'm still on the waiting list tho. The right dog will eventually come along... Good luck with whatever direction you will take.

From my point of view, I think Setters are one breed that need doggy companionship.  Their own kind is preferable but a dog with similar exercise needs a must.  Three years is a good age gap as they have got over the initial puppy stage and are beginning to settle but will still want to play with the new pup.  I'd also consider crate training as I found it a real boon.  Rigsby still sees it as home which is great for lots of reasons.

I would rather take on a puppy than a rescue dog, but that is a very personal choice and wouldn't like to push anyone into something they were not happy with.  

Hi Louise Yes if you have one setter you have to have more, they are like chocolates in a box (I am working on the whole box lol) I got itchy feet after 3years I think it is to do with them geting a brain and you feel lost without the challenges every day/every walk.I was going to rescue but they would not let me have another bitch because they said they will fight,( they wanted me to have mine spade) also I would only be able to have castrated male but he would have to be very young.I am pleased that they chose carefuly the new homes but this ment I stood next to no chance.I went down the puppy road and haven`t regreted it, I now have 3 bitches and they don`t fight, the pup is new so I cann`t say how close they all will be only that my two older ones age 8 - 5 eat, sleep and curl up together and previously played together without a cross word even when one was in season. good luck and enjoy your new playmate <:0)

KC and Errol

I am surprised to read that the ISRG is re-homing dogs/bitches with serious behavioural problems.

Do they not use qualified trainer/behaviourists to help rehabilitate these poor dogs so they are suitable for re-homing.


Torie - it is true that the ISRG will be paying for a behaviourist to work with those dogs that show serious behavioural problems. However, training will not start until the dog is rehomed as it involves close liaison wih the new owner. There is little point in training a dog that is kennelled outside a home environment. The real issues with our rescue only manifested themselves when she came to us and highlighted the difficulties in rehoming dogs, particularly the accuracy or truthfulness of information from the previous owners (the ISRG asks previous owners to provide a statement). Unfortunately, in our case the task of re-training would have required me to stop work altogether (at least initially) which was simply not an option. Honestly, I was gutted that it didn't work out and am still feeling quite deflated by the experience. Of course, my experience shouldn't put anyone else off. There are so many dogs needing homes out there.

Louise, I can't help you with your questins, but all that talk about another setter makes me want one too! I always wanted two, but years went by and I haven't done anything to get another one. I know Flora would love company of another dog.  

My Setter has just had her first litter of puppies.

They are Irish setters not red and white but I do have some still available if your interested as have had a few potential owners back out now they have been born.

Oh Pippa, don't tempt me so soon, lol... I would love to have another one sooner rather than later but have to wait a bit until I finish my current studies as a hectic academic two semesters ahead, but thank you for the offer and I hope they find good homes.
Thank you Kc and Errol for your experience sharing and hope a suitable setter is found for you soon.

Angela, too true re: the chocolate analogy and I seem to be like that with setters and various animal species as I also want a few more reptiles too. My poor husband!

Kristina, go on get one!!!!!
And val, I may be bending your ear shortly , thank you

Thank you to everyone, watch this space

Me again Louise, as it is over a week since my last replie I just wanted to add, now the new pup has been with us for nearly 4 weeks they all play so well together.My older dog tries to play more than she has for years , and my 5year old just wants to play all day with the pup.My decision to have another setter was the best decision I have ever made, and she is wonderful,go on be tempted you will smile every day most of the day good luck <:0)




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