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Group judge chatting to eventual group winner before judging has even started??

Would like to hear the opinion of show people on the scenario of breed judge(FCI (cacib) show) who has just awarded BOB to exhibitor and is happily and publicily seen chatting to the person before he judges the same person in the group and awards this person group 1 ??? Personally I think this very inappropriate!!!!!!

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I have seen this happen in the UK recently in fact. The judge in question left the ring before the CC was handed out and was at the ringside talking to the person (with the dog at their side) who was awarded the CC. I agree the judge should of not left the ring to talk to exhibitors whilst judging was still going on, and the exhibitor should of also not got into a conversation..............
Yes Dena there was alot of people who were shocked by that judges disgraceful behaviour!!!!!
How recently?
There is a story about one setter judge in the UK who was in the ring judging and watching his wife showing their dog in the adjacent ring. (as well as chatting to her while she waited to be seen)

I always think it would be such an honour to be asked to judge (I wouldnt dare) but some judges seem to forget how ro behave and dont seem to see protocols. Neither do they always remember to write a critique!!!

Stopping now before I really get started!!
Yes, funnily enough I stewarded for a very professional judge at the weekend and she was voicing her concern at the conduct of some of her fellow native judges in the ring and by ringside. But it happens here too and have actually been in the ring with my dog when the exhibitor in front of me has addressed the judge by their first name is chatting away and seem like quite close friends, it does not inspire you to show under that judge again. Personally I would not like to be seen talking to a judge by ringside because at the end of that day the win you may receive will mean nothing to those around you as there will always be the doubt as to whether the result was fixed from the start, you lose the respect with fellow exhibitors and the judge in danger of losing their credibility.
I have to agree with you Carmel. I was not there when this happened, but it should never have happened. We had a similar situation last year, when a very well known UK Judge was meeting and greeting, hugging and kissing and holding long conversations with exhibitors before judging actually began. And yes, these exhibitors were the winners on the day. I actually told one of the exhibitors that it was not acceptable behaviour, but he said that the Judge approached him first!
Very often BOB and group winner give to a dog and handler which are very often shown at shows...
I don't think you should go under a judge who is a close friend. I have declined to show under friends under a number of occasions. I have always given them an entry, but I decline to show. I don't think its fair, even if they like your dog/dogs they will be accused of giving you the win because you are their friend. The next time that person judges everyone takes the view whats the point, its a waste of time and money because we all know that they will give the CC or Green Star to their friend. The judges next entry is affected and their judging is called into question, and the club they judge for has a very small entry. But then i think some people would go out under themselves if the rules allowed!
That is an interesting point. It is difficult to know where to draw the line. I think if you have friends with whom you go to dog shows or you go on holiday with or you stay with then yes, I agree but in the UK, where judges are breed specialists and show as well as judge you cannot help but make friends. There are exhibitors who breed and favour certain lines or use certain dogs who gravitate towards each other by mutual interest and prefer that when they judge......the list goes on. Why should you call that into question? The other way is to use all rounders or non-breed speciialists but then you can lose the type and essence of your breed, as has happened in many countries. In any case all rounders know exactly who the principal winners are before they judge so their opinion is not as unbiased as you think it is. There will always be reasons to critisize a judgement, it is human nature........such is life.
I too believe it is difficult for some people to draw the line!! Personally I would not show under a close friend(ie someone I stay, holiday with and go out to dinner with etc., or someone who has bought my pups;o)) I have this situation next year and the judge will get a complimentary entry but my dogs will stay at home;o)
When I have judged I feel that I should not go near the hall or the ring, and definitely not the exhibitors, although not judging at Champ level, but it doesn't matter whatever level that you judge, protocol says '' stay away from everything until you go into that ring and start judging Mostly you know a lot of the exhibitors and their dogs but everyone pays the same and should have the same amount of contact with the judge...
I agree. Sometimes there can be a lapse of concentration and awareness which can be misconstrued and it is good to be reminded or reprimanded for this. It just serves to show careful you have to be. I am sure a valiable lesson has been learn.




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