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Let us share photos: You and your first setter..

I will start with a photo of me and my first Irish Setter Bora, 1990...

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I love those very old pictures!
great picture Sue, Lovely girl
I rarely get a good picture also and husband does not take pictures either.
I know I would love a photographer to follow the dogs around and get pictures. So many times the moment is lost and no camera in sight
I'm rubbish too. When I could get a good shot either the camera is in a bag somewhere or the batteries need charging, when I do take them they are either so far away you can't tell if they are dogs or horses or so blurred you can't make out what they are. Pity because I like pictures but when you are showing you can't take pictures of yourself in the ring and my husband doesn't do shows let alone use a camera!
This is our first Irish, Saphelie Snowbunting (Rosie), born 18/3/86

Yes Sue, it was at the ISBC Champ show (under Willy Duynkerke)! In the bag is a ceramic mug with the ISBC emblem on it, which is why I remember it so well!
Me and Tara (BERTA Jalappa) - my first IS born in 1992.
photo taken in 1993 :))) with Kelly - Tara's best friend

and the photo taken in 1994 on the same beach as Conner's photos from holidays 2009 :)

love your white socks :)))
hehehe, I knew it! :)))
There are some great memories shared here, a cheerful forum....good! :-)
No photos with me....Baladar Shandy (aka "Donovan") born 22/8/74 . I had his pedigree papers 10 years ago, before I moved the last time.....can't find them now!




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