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Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal

The image of the Irish setter got another big blow in Dutch media this week because a breeder was fined to pay 6000 euro for selling and subsequently denying primary epilepsy in a dog. Nearly all media, from national television to dailies and social media focused on this. Last year it was only television, now the impact is way broader. What do you think, is there a way to get out of this misery? And how?


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Brilliant suggestion Angela and I am sure that Abbie's data should be of invaluable use for research purposes.   The sooner a public database is set up for all sorts of health conditions, the better.  Also I would have thought the drug companies would also be interested in the data too, especially as research and development are what keep the drug costs so high.   If they can access data of real cases in different breeds this must be beneficial for the whole.

Astrid and Sam's owner will feel happier that because of Henk's blog so much more should and can be done if we all pull together.  A good legacy for poor Sam, his breeder should feel mortified that he caused such suffering.

That's something I have to think about, Henk.

Thank you Astrid for the information, I stand corrected  I lost somthing in translation.Yes it is good to know that Sam`s life was not in vain, and good may come from this post. thank you Henk.

Birth of brilliant ideas????

Angela, your story was one of the inspirations to continue the topic, so thanks is for you! Luckily in several places people are working for a healthy future of the Irish setter, but no structural connection, open and accessible for all.The ideas of Georgina are very inspiring! Astrid, about what are you thinking? 

Hi Henks, I've just been a bit cheeky and posted a blog on the Irish Setter UK and Ireland site, and will wait to see what the reaction is, constructive I hope!   I had emailed Peter Heard, who you probably know, because he trials his IS for sometime and may have an over view of the health of WIS.   Not heard from him yet but then he may be trialling and no time just yet to respond.

My rescued dalmation has a wicked sense of humour, because I'm sure what she just did in the forest was deliberate.   The cocker and parson russel both had their heads down the same hole snuffling out mice and were scared out of their skins because Totty the dalmation, crept up behind them and barked.  It was hysterical, Phee and Jemima were astonished, their faces covered in mud and the look on their faces was

"What? What? what's going on".  Totty trotted off as if to say "Wasnae me I knoo nuthink" in her best scottish accent.   Very funny - I laughed so much I thought I was going to have an "accident"!!!!

On http://www.irishsetter.org.uk/Health/Epilepsy.htm the official launch of the Canine Epilepsy Network website was reported but the link provided did not work here. Good to read your post, Georgina! Haven't seen your contribution on the UK website yet, though.

I put it on facebook on their site there in the hopes that more people would see it....... sorry should have told you - fossil brain strikes again..

About crossing IRS x IRWS, Henk. Kells is a good candidate for the outcross program. The only thing I still have to do is have her tested for CLAD. Well, that's just a formality because she is heredity clear. 

You might be right that cross breeding could also be a good idea to improve the health of the IRS.

Commenting when I shouldn't but might be an idea to chat to Ann Millington so that you can avoid any pitfalls.  Just been reading Henk's outline, he has some wonderful stylish dogs.  Little Clancy looks so pretty he must have been very sad when he lost her.   There would be some fantastic differences in colours with is/irws, and if the health improved overall - that would be something positive for the breed.

A crossprogram IRS x IRWS (for last) is now in full swing


in many countries. One in Holland now:


Yes Clancy is gone. coi was zero problems in (23) pups zero, her pedigree Redwing White Lightning is on. 


Interesting: the pattern of white in her two litters was very much like those of first link.


Just read the link, interesting too and seems to have been thought through sensibly.   Maybe all offspring should be microchipped and any health problems have to be reported, no choice, if a problem arises it has to be registered.   What are they going to call the offspring, same IRWS with x1,x2 etc etc or IS x1,x2 etc. or something totally different??  It seems that it would be very easy at this stage to start the health database before things get too complicated.  It would be like being "born again" in setters, a rare opportunity to be used advantageously. 




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