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Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal

The image of the Irish setter got another big blow in Dutch media this week because a breeder was fined to pay 6000 euro for selling and subsequently denying primary epilepsy in a dog. Nearly all media, from national television to dailies and social media focused on this. Last year it was only television, now the impact is way broader. What do you think, is there a way to get out of this misery? And how?


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Born again in setters...brilliant! Pity no shower of hails. But those beautiful blazes! Already colonel Millner was a big fan of them and regretted they had disappeared.  

Hailstones? Is that when there are white flecks on a red background?  Not as bold as apaloosa horse?  Just flecking.  There is a setter bitch on Irish Setter Rescue, a worker called Sheba and she is very pretty, blaze and I think white toes.   Hopefully she had been homed over Christmas but you may be interested to have a look can be accessed  through Irish Setter UK and Ireland go to Irish Setter Rescue and go to dogs to be rehomed.  Don't go to ISBC rescue, although they've got a 5 month working bitch puppy, poor little soul (you may be interesting however to have a look).

Thank you for that first link, Henk!

Take a look at this blog. I made a comment on this blog, somone, cannt remember who replied with a sarky remark which has now disapeared. How did that happen ? This is sooooo beautiful.


Sorry what blog? How do I find it?

Go to blogs, at the side scrole down to monthly archives, click on October 2012

scole down till you see picture of a beautiful pup with lots of white.

I think it is this one.

Ok I have found the blog.....I remember it well....some rather uninformed person had made some very ' uneducated' comments! That got removed!

I am a bit puzzled here - I thought this discussion was about how to tackle the problem of Epilepsy in Irish Setters.  Not knowing how many cases there are, what type of Epilepsy Irish Setter have, what lines produce it and what can be done about it, makes the situation unclear. 

Now you are going off at a tangent.

The Irish International Outcross Programme 2011 is about saving the Irish working IRWS from possible health issues due to inbreeding, at the same time preserving their working ability - not about improving the health of Irish Setters.  UK IRWS are excluded from the Programme by the Irish IRWS Club.

As far as I know, there is no collective information regarding the health of Irish IRWS and I'm sure it was not in the mind of the IKC that crossbreeding would be used to improve the health of Irish Setters.  It is all for improving the breed diversity for IRWS - which is why all puppies from the crossbreeding will be registered as IRWS.

The extensive IRWS health information is held for UK IRWS and some overseas dogs and it has been the aim to distinguish between Irish Setters and IRWS as laid down in the Revival of IRWS.  I can't see UK IRWS people embracing the idea of crossbreeding after 30+ years of careful monitoring and recording breed health, particularly as we don't have issues with Epilepsy, MO, Bloat, PRA etc

Hypothetically crossing IRWS with IS may give healthier IS, equally it could pass IS problems to IRWS - no thanks! 

Crossbred puppies are neither Irish Setter nor IRWS - the first (F1) generation are at best Mismarked Irish Setters, selecting the best puppies to breed on, will take three more generations of breeding back into the the 'desired' half, before the 4th generation (F4) can be accepted as Irish Setter or IRWS. This will take some ten years of dedicated, expensive, sometimes hear-breaking work - and a considerable strain on Rescue, seeing that litters of 10-14 are not uncommon in both breeds.

Crossbred puppies have some 'kerb appeal' to those looking for the cute and different, I suspect they will have to have some other name and some other set-up to manage their problems.

Thanks Ann. Your attention please for this posting especially where Ann is stating: "Hypothetically crossing IRWS with IS may give healthier IS, equally it could pass IS problems to IRWS - no thanks! ."

I'm going off at a tangent myself now! ;o])))

Henk and Gerard,  You say that Crossbreeding Irish Setters x IRWS is in full swing now in many countries.  Can you tell me, please, if it is all under the auspices of the Irish Kennel Club's Outcross Programme?

Do the parents have to be passed by the Outcross Committee and the health qualifications proved to the satisfaction of the IKC?

Are all the FI puppies in the many countries, registered as IRWS with the IKC?

If they are not, has each country set up an identification system for the crossbreds such as has been established in Ireland and the UK?

I have asked these questions many times, without answers and hope from your practical knowledge and experience you might be able to help me.




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