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Media highlight Irish setter as a sick animal

The image of the Irish setter got another big blow in Dutch media this week because a breeder was fined to pay 6000 euro for selling and subsequently denying primary epilepsy in a dog. Nearly all media, from national television to dailies and social media focused on this. Last year it was only television, now the impact is way broader. What do you think, is there a way to get out of this misery? And how?


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Hi Ann, a valid point.  Because of the health of show IS currently experienced probably means that this "type" may well fade away.  Perhaps the crossing of bloodlines with working Irish Setters may be the only way to go, but note your comment whilst trying to save one type another type may be severly compromised.  Thus the whole becomes contaminated and all options are closed to save one or the other.

It may be that Irish Setter breed becomes a whole as IRWS.

It is critical that data bases are made public for all to access and any information given is done so without fear of litigation.  The fact that a sick puppy as been produced by whichever bloodline cannot be disputed.  However the sickness has to be reported and recorded officially.  Anyone being overly precious about their bloodlines with a perception that the recording of same is a malicious attempt to defame their stock needs to understand that it is the welfare of the breed that is primary not their own self belief that they have no responsibility and can sue anyone who endangers their self importance.

Have you viewed Henk's photos of his working irish, they are the epitomy of what we should all be looking for in our irish.   They are very stylish and from the photos they lead the sort of life that all Irish should experience because the reason why they were bred in the first place is fulfilled.  They are a working breed after all - I accept that show Irish are to show the finer points of the breed but somehow they've gone completely o.t.t.  Not so much in the UK but definately in other parts of the world the over emphasis on coats, ear length, tail set etc is there for all to see.  Upright shoulders, perpendicular from back of neck down through the leg to the back of the pastern, yuck.

Again this is only my opinion, I haven't shown for nearly 12 years now so not really in a position to criticise but viewing the year books and internet is quite revealing.   I certainly do not wish to insult anyone, I had show setters for 40 years and loved every single one of them so a bit biased towards them

and perhaps overly protective about their decline.  We had the best years when we showed undoubtedly.

One extra for you, Angela. Spring 2006. A Clancypup.

Cute henk!

Introducing the new and eldest Irish setter :-)

Haha, that text on the background! I am not arrogant, I am simply the best! :-)

They really are charming, bicolours.....   is it the eldest? or youngest??    Didn't know Barbie was a setter lover too....

He went to an Italian diplomat studying for ambassador, in Germany, later Zimbabwe. His owner was  sooooooo lucky to own at last a big blazed Irish setter, his dream since a young boy! He's from a litter 2006 Echlin O'Conloch x Redwing White Lightning (Clancy).

Thank you Henk, when can I collect him/ her ? adorable, my baby isn`t 7 months yet, dont do this to me cause my husband will leave me I am sure !!! "bye Adrian.... thanks for the last 43 1/2 years"

Haha Angela, he's living on a big estate near Rome now six years old, so I don't think you can collect him. Pictures show how Irish setters woud look like when (more) working blood and/or IRWS is used to lower the coefficient of inbreeding, described as source of all problems including epilepsy. Some hate it, some love it.

At the very start of the breed, Many IRS had that white. See for example here princess Wilhelmina of the Ntherlands, her favorite Irish setter Swell. Thats end of 19th century. A big blazes! So back to basics.

Hi Henk, I think there are some Irish born with the "Palmerston" star.  I bought a bitch years ago that was Gormac bred from the Gordon Mckenzies.  They told me that they had bred several litters in which there were heavily marked Irish.  They were sisters who lived in Birmingham but their bloodlines (setters!) originated from Ireland.  The bitch I bought from them - Ruby - was much admired by Joe Braddon, in fact he placed her first in a huge class at Leeds Champ Show.  She had the most beautiful confirmation and expression but hardly any coat - some called her "pointer coated" she wasn't as close as that though, she had what I considered adequate feathering and whats more so did Joe Braddon and many other well known judges.  Most importantly for me though was that Ruby had the most delightful temperament and was a great companion.

White on red distracts from the main issue in this topic, so let's stick to the main question: how to come out of the misery for the Irish red setter? Please also pick up the debate a few pages ago after Ann Millingtons last post. Thanks!




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