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My 7 month old Irish Setter bitch is currently at the vets fighting for her life.  She has HGE and is very poorly.  They have her on a drip and antibiotics and I think the rest is up to the gods.


She is such a sweet girl.  I cant believe this is happening to her. 



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So sorry to hear of your puppy's illness Michelle....HGE is one of thos things that canstrike any time without warning & turn nasty very quickly.

It might be worth mentioning to your vet that Parvo virus seems to be on the go again as we have had one breeder recently who lost puppies to this dreadful disease & she obviously picked this up from somewhere as her adult dogs were all symptom free but she had been to a couple of shows. many of the clinicalsymptoms of HGE are very similiar to Parvo.....I'm sure your vets will be absolutely corect in their diagnosis but just thought it worth mentioning.

I will keep my fingers crossed for your little one. xxx
Never hurts Lynn!

What is HGE? Now you have kind of identified the symproms when you say Parvo like but its always worth knowing more about these things.
HGE is haemorrhagic gastro enteritis.....basically bleeding diarrhoea Ossian, cause is unknown & can be caused by any number of things...bacterial infection, parasites, etc.

I mentioned parvo because Michelle's little one is dehydrated & this is not usually an initial symptom of HGE but it is usual with parvo. I know of the one case of parvo for definite but have heard anecdotal mention of 2 other litters being affected in other parts of the country....all in England.

Hope this helps...if you type HGE into any of the internet search engines they will give a much more detailed description. :)))
I did Lynne thanks - very informative .......... oh dear.

I believe we are seeing an increase in parvo in the rescue centres in Scotland again and I think it has a lot to do with the numbers of puppies going unvaccinated.

Most pefigree breeders will at the very least put one vac on the puppies before they leave with their new owners but just recently I heard of one of the bigger puppy "merchants" giving a vac certificate which was a forgery.

Where there is brass there will be muck as they sort of say!!
She is vaccinated against Parvo - so it shouldnt be that.
so sorry michelle to hear about your girl
hope she pulls through okay it must be an awful worry
will be thinking of you both
So sorry to read your message. I hope she pulls through.
All the best
I am keeping everything crossed for your little one Michelle and really hope she is a fighter. Thinking of you at this awful time.
Louise x
You must be so worried and upset, Bella and I are sending all our positive thoughts and hope that she gets better soon. Liz xx
So sorry to hear your news, a friend of mine has also recently had her 11mth male setter at the vets with him being very ill with gastric enteritis, on the plus side her boy is now back home and happy again so fingers crossed for you little girl.
HI Michelle, I wish you all the best with your little girl and hope she recovers and has a long and healthy life ahead. It must be terrifying for you with her being so sick. Bless her.
thinking of you...




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