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My 7 month old Irish Setter bitch is currently at the vets fighting for her life.  She has HGE and is very poorly.  They have her on a drip and antibiotics and I think the rest is up to the gods.


She is such a sweet girl.  I cant believe this is happening to her. 



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Hope your little girl is soon feeling better. It's surprising how tough they are and they can be very down one minute and bounce back very quickly so I hope that is the case with her. I hope tomorrow will bring you some good news.
Such a dreadful condition and a stressful time for you. Thinking about you and your girl and willing for her to be better soon
So sorry to hear this awful news. You are both in my thoughts & hoping for a very speedy recovery.
Hope your pup is better VERY soon, sending positive thoughts..........
So sorry to hear your little girl is not well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you hope she pulls through, all the best Karen
Just an update. Dana is a little brighter, and has stopped vomitting and hasnt had any diareah since 10.00pm last night. The vets are concerned as the weight she has lost and are keen to get her eating again asap. They have let me bring her home for the evening to see if I could encourage her to eat and maybe she would feel more inclined to eat whilst in her own home.

I have managed to get her to eat a few scraps of chicken, but not much. She has gone very sunken at the back end, so we need to get her appetite back pretty quick.

But it is nice to have her back home.
Hi Michelle,
sorry about your little girl but glad that she is back on the mend. Have you tried a bit of glucose water to increase her energy. And what about some puppy milk if it is not too much for her tummy.
Hi Michelle, again,
I just had a look at your page. I lived in Shropshire for about 8 months in 1997. Where are you?
Hope Dana is getting better.
in Australia
I was checking for updates and so glad to find it is a good one. You are in our thoughts and loads of irish puppy zen!
That's some good news. My Pasha was very poorly like this when she was nearly 3. She didn't eat for 6 days and spent most of that time in the vets on a drip, once the vomiting & diarrhoea stopped she didn't have any appetite and was allowed home so that I could hopefully tempt her but she still wouldn't eat and 24 hours later was back in on a drip again as they need the food as well as liquids to keep them hydrated. Then suddenly everytime the nurses were out of the room when they came back in her dish would be empty. She was allowed home as soon as she started to eat and by the next day was back eating normally. Now your girl has turned the corner I am sure she will continue to improve and the weight will come back on although it always seems to take months for them to put on what they lose in 2 days!
Good luck with your baby. Hope all turns out O.K. for you both
So pleased to read this update. Thinking of you both.




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