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Pertition to Save Lennox in Belfast - He is not an Irish Setter but it is Barbaric what Belfast Council has done Please sign



This is a petition to save a dog in Belfast (not an Irish Setter) but still a travesty who has been taken from his owner because of poor unprofessional behavior - please sign if you agree.




Maggie and Gary Mazan


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Done! I signed 2 minutes ago.
signed people in Queensland Aus who own pure bred american staffies are in the boat the state government has deemed them to be pitbulls

I tried - get an error - but I will try later.


Done, and shared via facebook.
I have signed as well Fingers crossed it proves successful for Lennox.
for those of us not on facebook what exactly has Belfast council done?

If you click on the link it will give you the background information - it is a direct link. They have removed a dog from a family wrongly and wish to put Lennox down.


What I gleaned from the first link on the original letter, Lennox has been deemed to be a Pit Bull type dog.I have not signed the petition because I strongly feel that any Pit Bull should not be a pet.I have faced too many Pit Bull crosses. None of which should be on the streets if my Council did their job correctly.

I thought that a routine DNA test would prove if Lennox was or was not a Pit Bull.Seems simple to me.

Your right if he is a pitbull type but they like you say should do a test a least.

Thanks for looking




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