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As an interim measure until the official register provided by the Kennel Club is fully up and running, the SEISC has decided to offer an opportunity for owners to post their recent PRA rcd4 DNA test results.
This will be on our PRA rcd4 page.
This is available to all owners worldwide not just SEISC members and will be in a similar format to that already used by the Kennel Club.

For further details please see the Club website www.seisc.co.uk.


Listing will be available sometime today - slight kink in my "html"  !!

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I totally agree with you!
Everyone should know their dog's status(pet or not!!)
Agree with Cornelia;o)

Many thanks Camilla, more than agree with you!  The point is to care about our dogs here, not to care about a line only. We are all concerned, the breeders for their lines and the pet owners for their dogs. As a pet owner I want to know everything about my dogs because I will be the one who will live with any eventual problems and I could never be prepared enough to face it.


Sorry for the typo, I meant Cornelia with her beautiful Joy, not Camilla...sorry sorry Cornelia  :-(

I agree, it would be dreadful if your pet lost it's sight in a few years time and you were subsequently told that 'oh yes we knew that was a possibility but didn't want to bother/worry you'. Surely if you have sold a puppy to someone you must be happy that they will take care of it for the rest of it's life. Passing on the knowledge could save someone from distressing visits to the vet when they know there is something wrong. Many vets willl not know of the condition and could be testing for other causes.


Can we somehow get a handle on this?? Yes PRA rcd4 CAN cause visual impairment in later years and the degree of impairment has yet to be fully understood. The age at which that deterioration begins to manifest is also varied and it is vital to note that the majority of what would be nominally classed as "clear" dogs lucky enough to live into old age with have sight deterioration

Surely then all owners should "train" for sight loss in old age?  What actually happens is that a dog over time adapts incredibly well to poor vision to the extewnt that many never really notice how bad a dog has become

I dont like to say this too loudly but rcd4 is the "new black" and while it is commendable that owners and breeders are trying to move foward I do think there is a lack of foresight in a) putting a time line on certain pairings so that puppies might not be regostered and b) telling pet owners buying a new puppy that it might go blind.

An "affected" DNA result does not mean that a dog will be rendeed sightless and to my knowledge there is not yet a table of degree if visual impairment for the disease.

Sue, I am not sure you can compare PRA rcd4 with epilepsy. If both parents are carriers of PRA rcd4 then the likelyhood of puppies being affected is given - through no fault of the breeder prooviding he/she tested the breeding stock as soon as the test became available. The buyers need to be informed of the possibility and then they themselves are free to make a decision about testing or not.

Epilepsy, unfortunately, is not quite so simple. Yes, there is a possibility of siblings being affected but the likelyhood is probably/hopefully not so high as in a simple recessive. On the other hand, even with epilepsy, I still maintain that open information is best and all owners have a right to know both the good and the not so good news. It is said somewhere else here that we need not wrap our dogs in cotton wool. I feel the same goes for buyer/owners. Providing the breeder has done all in his/her might to avoid problems and still something crops up there is no blame on the breeder. But then surely out of respect for the puppy buyers we need to leave the decision to them as to how they wish to deal with problems that may occur?

There used to be a time when doctors felt their patients did not want to hear a bad diagnosis, so did not to tell out of consideration for the patient. Is that how you would wish to be treated by your doctor? Personally, I prefer to know - whatever the situation.

Thanks Susan

Great news for you too!!  So good to see results still coming through to here and the SEISC.  cheers

Great news Cheryl, now you finger nails will be able to grow again
Red Crown Joyful Clover: CARRIER
Today I received the results. Pallas Green Kells is carrier.
Of course I would have preferred to read "clear" but I am very happy that your beautiful Kells is not affected !!! A big cuddle from me to your beautiful girl  :-)




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