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New DNA testing scheme for Irish Setters


Following consultation with the Irish Setter Breed Health Committee, the Kennel Club has recently approved a new official DNA testing scheme for PRA (rcd-4) in the breed.



New DNA testing scheme for Irish Setters

Following consultation with the Irish Setter Breed Health Committee, the Kennel Club has recently approved a new official DNA testing scheme for PRA (rcd-4) in the breed.
This test is offered by the Animal Health Trust and further details can be obtained by emailing dnatesting@aht.org.uk.
Copies of all future test certificate results issued by the AHT will be sent directly to the Kennel Club, where the test result will be added to the dog’s details on the registration database. This will trigger the publication of the test result in the next available Breed Records Supplement, and the result will also appear on any new registration certificate issued for the dog and on the registration certificates of any future progeny of the dog.
Owners who have already had their dog(s) DNA tested for this condition can send copies of the test certificate into the Kennel Club and the data will be added to the dog’s registration details. In addition, if the owner includes the original registration certificate for the dog (not a copy) then a new registration certificate will be issued, with the DNA result on it, free of charge. Please send the DNA test certificates to:
The Health & Breeder Services Department
The Kennel Club
1 – 5 Clarges Street
Alternatively, copies of DNA test results can be emailed to gary.johnson@thekennelclub.org.uk.
For further information on this new scheme, please contact Professor Jeff Sampson at jeff.sampson@thekennelclub.org.uk.
16th August 2011

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Good. This means all results of UK dogs will be on the KC online database. Now how to go about publishing results of non-UK dogs?


My Vet just phoned and Good News Abbey(Clannrua Loughowel) is clear of PRArcd4 so I can go ahead and breed from her when she decides to come in heat;o)))
Carmel, I'm so very happy for you and your girl!
Congratulations   ,what a relief for you, good news indeed
congrats carmel on your results
Thanks Kristina, Sue and Lyn! Fingers crossed for everyone! I will test the rest of my reds in a month or so too;o)
Lovely news Carmel.....congratulations!!
Thanks Eva! A huge relief! Now just waiting for the stud dog's result!
Super news for your breeding line, very happy for you ;-)
Thanks Charlotte and well done on your first result too;o) Fingers crossed for Scott;o)

this is very good, but so far I dont think there are a lot of results there.. maybe is just a long work.. is people sending the tests results to the KC?


I am a bit puzzled since - browsing in the sea of information available on the web, and just for my own info- I understand that in the UK ~40% of IS may be expected to be carrier..


But, on the other hand, the http://www.seisc.co.uk/pra-rcd4 web site only mentions the knowledge of 6 affected dogs- and this info dates back to July, when the test was not available.. Unfortunately, I would expect that, with more and more tests done, the number of `affected` will increase (I am not sure but I guess it would be strange to have as little as six of them affected within a population with 40% carrier.. ) .. but at the moment is a bit difficult to have a picture of the vastity of the problem..


well, just chatting I would guess, no real question here..




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