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There are some people on this plathform wich seem to have some problems with hunting in general and specially with my pictures of duck-hunting - I have read the comments between Frances McKimm and Susan Morris - also some comments about the video of Petra.

When I startet to be member of "Exclusively Setters - Home for Irish Setter Lovers Around the World" I thoughted this would be also for Setter-Lovers which understand the setter as a hunting dog - I undestand me as setter-lover!

But I if I read the dialog (comments) between Frances and Susann I felt not very welcome on this site with telling hunting stories and showing hunting-pictures. Why I'm not worthy to be a Setter-Lover or Setter-breeder if I show some pictures of hunting with my setter? So I started to think about if it is better to open a new NING only for setter lovers which can accept the setter as an hunting dog - for pointing and versatile used hunting-dog.

On the other side I think it would be a shame to go on with seperating here at Exc.Setters the Setter-Lovers in Hunting and Non-Hunting-only-Showing - it would be poor for each side to do not know from the other side - it would be poor for the race also ..

I think to seperate the hunting ones in a special Ning would not be the solution - I hope - so hwo can we solve the problem?

This are my thoughts - sorry - also sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I want to express

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It seems from all these discussions that the Red Setter is used differently in each country depending on that country's type and tradition of hunting! Type of terrain, animals, hunting methods are quite different from Ireland, so it has been adapted accordingly (I certainly have learned a lot about its use in other countries!!) ;o))
And when it's about Irish setters I think Ireland should be the one to respect, right? :-))
I wasnt saying that at all!! Just stating how I think and how I find it all very interesting how different people use dogs for hunting in different countries(USA also hunt setters while hunters on horse back(some areas of US) I personally would use setters only for pointing and retrieving! Just my opinion! Other breeds for other types of hunting!!
Sorry, Carmel! I did not write that as an accusation, but my own opinion. :-)) I think one should respect the original country and not to mould the breed to something different.

Of course some changes must be accepted - times and environments do change no matter what. ;-))

i don't like to see pictures with setters with dead animals in their mouth wrote Janssen.

FYI pictured one of Hollands most winningest Irish setters (show-unbeaten) ever Int Ch Shandon O 'Cuchulain. Retrieving is OBLIGED in Dutch field trials in autumn (after opening of hunting-season). The Irish Setter Club of the Netherlands is a field trial organizing club. Another thing about retrieving: more cases are reported of Irish setters saving lives of children who went too far into the sea or river. What to do in your eyes? Call them back?:-))
Lovely photos of a very fine looking dog(brains and beauty!) You must have an amazing collection of setter photos!
So the dog in the picture is Shandon? Thank you for sharing!

I remember Norbert Splissgart talking of him not long ago, saing what a wonderful dog he was.
Beautiful head studies!! Does anyone know his pedigree? The pedigree site only has his parents!!

Carmel, this was his littersister. Relevant for this topic is that you can show Shandon pointing, retrieving, showing etc etc . Or only his head:-))) There are as well pictures of a statue of Shandon, drawing, painting etc etc. I enjoy them all, just like other pics of working Irish setters here and everywhere. Shandon and Bessy were predominantly Hartsboune-based some old Dutch/American. In their days quite a few of other leading kennels (like Wendover) had great duals as well. The split came later.
Does anyone know his pedigree? wrote Carmel.

Handwritten by the breeder, it shows show could work those days,

Fascinating to see photographs and the pedigree of the famous Shandon. Does a line of descent from Shandon still exist in present day dutch or german lines?




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