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please send me your results in Field trails!



Send them to dokte343@upcmail.nl


So I can put them in a list off results.



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Hallo Wim/hello Wim,

Last weekend I saw sisters of your Fergus performing well in trainings on the eve of trials in Vjildberg, Denmark. One of those -German bred Ella owned by Tommy Pedersen- was fantastic, a speedy Gonzalez, she got seven (!) outings in the Vjildberg trials. Pointer triallers wanted to buy her - she made them look little!!!

Haven't got results, but did see a few fascinating Danish working Irish setters, like so many in that country performing and looking perfect. We trained with six IRS, Fergus-sisters, Irmuns May Theis (a promising young dog - on the list for mine) and three of mine - Clancy, Kells, Giulla.

As for results of trials, I don't think this website has many trialers, just a few who decrease contributions. Cultures that do trial are not or nearly not present here like Red Club France and most of the Scandinavian IS clubs. If you want to know results, check their websites. This is more and more a website only for people who pull on a head and tail of a setter on a show and think that is quite some event!

Denmark seems an ideal country to trial your IRS - great landscapes & atmosphere and lots of chances for especially young dogs. So I'll be back over there in Spring. Every single day was an adventure for dog and man. Reaching for horizons, not one boring minute! By the way Giulla had four outings, good for eighty minutes, I've never experienced that in our trials. So Denmark is dual and damn good!

I did already know that Tommy Pedersen hat a dog off Kapellenpfad. But it's nice to here that she is going well.

I hope Fergus will be ass quick ass speedy to.

Youre Giulla did get 3 ZG wan't it??




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