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Quietly quietly... WE'VE HIT THE MAGIC 2'000 !!!

Gene, thank you!

Congratulations for getting this site up and going and a big welcome to member number 2000!

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Well done Gene! Thanks for spotting member number 2,000 Susan;o) Great site!!

Susan, you are everywhere! How did you notice?  But many many  thanks to Gene for getting us there together ! I have met so many new Irish Setter enthusiasts and dog lovers through here! Great place to be part of!!! :-)))

Wow, very well spotted Susan!!!  and indeed a huge thank you to Gene for this wonderful mean of communication, thanks to you I have met some fabulous friends on ES!!!!

We've been growing fast!

Thank you Gene for this wonderful creation! I trully enjoy the time I spend here!

It's nearly always has a daily visit from me.  Thank you Gene 

Thank you Gene for this fabulous site and well done Susan on spotting the 2001 member

I visit every day.A wonderful group.Thanks everybody for being so welcoming and kind.

Thank you Gene for this wonderfull site ..

Even for owning 40 years setters , I still learn on this site more about them .

but what i like most is that i'm together with people who are as crazy as i am about this wonderfull dog ..THE SETTER


Up to the 3000






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