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I have just picked up a raw marrow bone from butchers and wondered if it is okay for Reuben to eat in his crate. It has some meat on it too and not sure whether this would contain bacteria etc. Also when he has had a good munch on it, do I put it back in fridge to avoid contamination etc? Sorry to sound dumb but he hasn't had a proper bone as yet.

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I have marrow bones here which are years old and they still chew them. Pasha one of my 4 year olds has a good old chew everyday after her tea. I only buy them fresh in the summer when they can clean them off outside and they scrape them completely clean and within a few days they are clean enough to come inside. I leave them out too, they are not put in the fridge even in summer as by the time they have been gnawing on them for a while there isn't much left on them anyway. I do sometimes scrape the inside marrow out and throw that away, depends how much there is. This is adult dogs though and I don't know how old Reuben is.
rRuben is only 7 months and I was intending on giving him the bone in the crate to start with (whilst I am home) and then he can bring it out when cleaned off. I have heard that the marrow can be very fattening and some times people scrape them out.
I tell puppy-buyers to use a fresh marrow-bone for putting the puppy in the crate (and ONLY then). This makes the crate VERY interesting indeed...
I have never had a problem with marrow-bones (as long as they are big).
Neither do I ever think of contamination...considering the stuff my dogs eat without any problems, an older marrow-bone would be no match! :-)

I normally advise the removal of marrow when the puppies are small...also with no earlier bone-experiance...it may be wise to do so...not due to it being fattening but due to the risk of getting diarea (Sorry...I know its not spelled like that...)
Thank you
Louise I have always giving mine marrow bones...nice big ones & I've never scraped the marrow out as young uns tongues can only reach so much of it but the fact that it is there makes that bone VERY interesting to them & they will play with it for hours.
With my adults once they cannot reach the marrow I actually dig it out for them with a tiny spoon...they adore it! Since it is the thing which nourishes & grows bone in live dogs it is chock full of nutrients so rightly or wrongly I reckon it's gotta be nutritous for my lot as well.
Autumn is off to ringcraft classes tonite, she sends brother Reuben a smelly kiss (she's just eaten a big tripe stick!) :)
oooh, tripe breath, yuk Autumn - make sure you clenn your teeth like a good girl! Ringcraft eh, sounds like fun, i hope she is doing well.
Well i will give Reuben his bone at the weekend, i bet he will be so thrilled!!!




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