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Hi, just wondering if you can teach your dog to only come up on sofa when invited or is this confusing for them and hence unfair?

You can tell I am a novice at this can't you!!!

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sigh....... you're a lost cause!!!
That's me!!! but the dogs are comfy...he he
I have two sofas...one for dogs/cats and one for humans/cats.
The dogs are fully aware of that one sofa is theirs and the other one not.
Never any problem at all.

As you can see...I have had no success in training the cats at all as they have taken to both...:-)
and louise dont even think about the bed .my layla as a 2 seater leather chesterfield in our bedroom but if shes not snuggling into her blankets shes snuggling down into our quilt on the bed. she prefers to be on the bed and like a fool i get up (can be in middle of night) so she is comfortable then she wraps herself round my hubbys legs
Yes, you can teach your setter not to come up on a sofa. I taught Bajka she was allowed to get on a couch only when I covered it with a blanket or a sheet. And she respected that fully. A sheet or a blanket in my hands was a signal for her - lying on a couch is coming! She was very smart, asked me for that many times - leading me by hand (my hand in her mouth) to the couch and barking meaningfylly - go on, put a sheet down, I want to jump here!
It was much more harder when I got 3 dogs but puppies (Bajka's children) rather copied mother's behaviour.
Finally problem was solved by alloting one armchair (eaten a bit by puppies) for dogs. So they have now their own armchair.
Lately I moved it to the hall because Bajka (12,5 old ) doesn't like noise in the living room and she "told" me about it.
I agree, Anna, as I said before, I always teach mine to 'sit' on a blanket or fleece covered mattress (when not in their comfy beds), whether on the floor or on the sofa..(.this is also very useful if you are visiting other people with the dogs..then they will automatically sit where you lay down a blanket)...if the blanket is not on the sofa...they know to lie on their fleeces by the fire...gee, it's a hard life...!!!
Luise, after such a different opinnions you must be confused:)))
Be carefull with your irish, they are so clever.
Have everything under control, otherwise you can loose.
My friend involuntarily brought up a dog alfa (not setter) in her home. When she was entering a house she was letting a dog to go first (it will be simpler). Next she fed her dog at once (I'll get rid of it), later she prepared food for people. She likes to sit on a floor but has a special armchair for the dog, nobody is allowed to sit on it...
Unfortunately it happen with very confident dog.
The result: having quests she have to keep a dog shut in other room... and many other problems.
When she asked a breeder what's wrong with her dog, he (after listening her dogish stories) told her: the dog is OK, that's you who has a problem. But it was hard (and in fact was not realised) to clear it up.
Thank you everyone for your advice and stories and lots that made me laugh! I think we will be buying Reuben his own sofa to go by ours as i feel i am confusing him a bit at the moment. I bought him a nice sheepskin padded blanket yesterday which his on his bed in lounge and he loves it. I will just have to cuddle him at his level and on the rug by the fire (his favourite place) and rule out sofa for the moment. I am sure that one day he will prob manipulate his way on to the sofa but for now he is off. So shhhsh.... No one tell him how comfy you all are on the sofa and some on the beds!!!
Oh and thank you Anna for your story about your friend and yes I am being very careful about who is top of the pack in my house - my husband took years to train, hehe. In fact I worry that i have been a bit too anal with training but I can see the results of being consistent as Reuben has learned a lot already. However we are working on walking to heel at the mo and have taken away the harness, yikes!
So funny to read all the Setter-sofa stories:-))) I do not need to tell you any further amusing anecdote, just have a look at the photo and you know that we belong to the Setter freaks who lost their sofas step by step by surprise!

like this kerstin lol
I love Kerstin's living room;)))

Here are "sofas" in my friends' house, this is "doggish corner" in fact. We are often guests there. Senior ladies (Kika and my Bajka) are on sofas, disappointed youngsters should wait their turn;(
Fantastic pictures! Sofa least of my worries since this am when took Reuben to training class as black lab in season and he was keen!!!! Poor chap trying to focus on me but whining for the lady. Not sure if he wanted to play or mate. And she was equally keen to see him!!!!




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