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Someone please tell me they are not so naughty when mature!!!!

Why is it that you think you have got somewhere with your lovely red dog and then suddenly they are really naughty again. Think I may just be having a bad day possibily but could throttle reuben today! 
This morn on his walk he got over excited (as lots of dogs around) and kept running out of the field or my eyesight and totally ignoring the whistle. Then later at home decided to go back to some digging antics in the garden...
He is 15 months old, so obviously still a pup but sometimes I feel myself thinking, please grow up!
Do they get better, these cheeky monsters?

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Years ago we had Finn (Sue bred him......but I got her back, we bred Dora and Timber)! When called to come back, he would do a 'fly past'. I would call him in a nice cheery voice 'Finn, Finn', it was only when I got to to 'Finn, BASTARD' that he took any notice!
Been there shouted that!!, not at Rio I hasten to add, trying reverse psychology with him, he also does the fly past but now as he comes towards me - I chase him past with my arm and tell him to 'run' so anyone watching will think it deliberate!.
It was Jinty who had attitude! I developed the 'dulcet tones of a fishwife!' shouting after her, she was a holy terror at running off, there's a waterfall walk near where I live and deer in the woods, when ever we walked it and she was off the lead she developed a turn of head to avoid eye contact as if to say 'I'm not looking at you so I can't hear you', and she would be off, ten minutes, an hour?, then she would 'pop' out in front of me like she hadn't done anything!.

Good job they didn't have electric collars then, there were times when the temptation to plug her into the mains might have been more than I could stand!, (joke).
But really, no matter what she did that aggravated me from time to time, - she repaid it all a thousand fold in the joy and love she gave me, I wouldn't have missed a minute, memories of her antics still bring a smile.
She improved with age but there was always a glint in her eye and she was a formidable 'boo' er' of sheep!, taking a twenty metre run at them barking, she would stop and come back to me tail in the air and prancing ever so pleased with herself for having 'saved me'!.
ROFL plug into the mains!
They certainly make you swear lots of times during a lifetime
I didn't know that I actually knew so many swear words!.
This "will they EVER grow up question" is a common one for setter owners, I think. With my first one, my vet told me that she would be running about being a nut until the day she died ... she lived to be 17 years old, and yes, on her very last day she was still cavorting about being a complete loon. I wouldn't have it any other way, yet every now and again, I do wish that I could just sit quietly and read the paper for longer than 5 minutes without the dog dashing into the room with my pajamas in his mouth!!
My eye sight must be getting worse!! I wondered why? - what I had taken to be blue flowers on the paving in the back garden had not blown away - closer inspection showed them to be parts of a chewed up pen..............that darn dog! at least he hasn't eaten any of it!.
LOL Fran! You mean jumping in mud puddles and rolling in dead things isn't going to be a thing of the past for us?
Oh gosh.......
definately not Sue.mine just get better n better at splodging and rolling in dead smelly things..........AND when it is a windy day,like today.silly setters are even sillier
Hahahaha what a brilliant thread.

As a new setter owner it is reassuring to know that our little boy (9mths) isnt quite as bad as we thought he was.

For your amusement may i present his roll of dishonour: -

1 eaten dehumidifier
3 shredded beds
1 set teeth marks in laptop(metal)
1 pair glasses
1 baseball cap and several sundry small objects
half a take away curry (stolen whilst being served without us noticing!)

and the undoubted top two

2 live electrical cables


1 flooded kitchen (when he learnt how to turn the taps on).

By god do you learn to dog proof a house!

The only reason we realised he had done it was because he was quiet! We have rapidly become very suspicious of peace and quiet in the house!!!!!

He isnt nicknamed "Nutty Boy" for no reason!
Not bad for 9 months ,sounds like he is a proper setter......although the cables don t bear thinking about, hope you have a good sense of humour and love him.LOTS




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