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 ES is not an unfriendly site towards experienced breeders/exhibitors. Members have respect for all people associated with our lovely breed. Judging by the forum posts that are now left it shows not only a thirst for knowledge of our breed but more importantly our dogs that we own or come into contact with. We all seem to be willing to share any experience that might help others on this site. There are ongoing challenges within the setter breeds and people find about them from many sources including ES. Open sources that allow anyone to view the information on offer.

ES is not just about showing/breeding. animal husbandry, training and sharing of research information. It is about the lives we live with our wonderful setters and the joy of sharing those moments. It is sharing the trials and tribulations of owning a setter and asking for advice. Open and kindly meant advice is not judged. Experts and newbie’s advice is all welcomed.

Gene watches over the technical integrity of this site with patience and common sense. A medal is deserved.  "Hot topics" can have our own views and agree to differ on points without any nastiness it just takes commitment of the member involved.  If you would add some more positives about ES I for one would love to read them.

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With no doubt it is a great site- the today 2370 members are the simple proof!
Welcome to your first forum on ES! I hope you do not get shot down in flames....why don't you start your own conversation and I am sure out of all our members, you will find what you are looking for.

Ask away Maggie, as Carmel says plenty of breeders on Es to give advice. Looking forward to the discussion.

Yes I feel the same way as you Maggie, have only just joined but have been following events, and have not liked what I've read so far, and have joined with some trepidation.  Some have been treated appallingly some that should have been banned are still sadly allowed to stay.

Have owned Irish for many years, I have a great deal of knowledge of the breed, taken a great deal of interest in the breeding and showing of Irish.   If I find that I'm not getting anything positive out of this site, then its quite simple, I shall not participate.   

I cannot see any reason why you should be 'shot down in flames', unless of course your comments are answered by someone with a grievance or more likely than not a bully. 

Looking forward to you sharing your knowledge Ann, perhaps you can help Maggie when she starts her conversation.

Rhonda, reading through my comments and your subsequent reply, the point I was trying to get across is that I am not a first time owner of an Irish or of a dog come to that, having also owned horses all my life, so I’m used to being around animals and have knowledge of how to care for them.   I fear that my words 'I have a great deal of knowledge of the breed’ could sound somewhat egotistical or arrogant, bringing on what seems like a challenge.  If someone asks for my personal opinion then I will be pleased to give it, I would not feel comfortable taking on the role of matriarch on this site as those before have done and quite rightly have met with disapproval.

My wife is typing this again I will have to be quick, if you show (is that like Cruffs) and do breeding coan you tell me what I wanted to ask, thankyou.   I joined today I am a new person so not sure what happens, have you been on different sight as you to have comment to make of old happenings.  One lady askd me if I play somewhere, is she asking me where I live do maybe I ask another question another people.

Sorry Tommy not really sure what the question is. Have posted a link for trimming feet and Dawn has given a really good answer on your forum post. What happens generally is that people get to know you by the description of you on your page. The photos of you and your dogs is a very good way to interact with people on the site. Without these it is a little hard to get to know you. People also only generally need 1 membership to interact with other members. You may want to cancel your other page that you have. Looking forward to the additions you put on your page. Welcome.

I agree, this site is for ALL setter lovers, new and old, novice and experienced and everyone in between!! We all have had different experiences with dogs and can share this and advice can be taken, or not, depending on the individuals needs! We all have different points of view and that is OK ;o) Sharing our love for our breed is the most important part of this site;o)

I personally may be new to showing/breeding(10 years!) 

I have trained two setters to their Gundog Qualifiers and one to Championship Agility competitions!! I may not be a "trainer" but have learned a lot through training my own(with the help of experienced trainers!) Still a whole lot more to learn;o)

I believe I have the same right to affer advice as anyone else here! I give advice only on personal experiences!! Including advice on the two "naughty pups"(these comments seem to have disappeared though??) And Maggie Cooper, please dont go by the nastiness that was here before, as most of this has now gone from this site! There are plenty of people here who can give advice!! Many many breeders of experience still here too and very happy to help! ;o))

I have been a member for about a year and i really enjoy the site, i have met a couple of members one from Australia took time out of her holiday to Europe to come and meet me and Finlay, i,ve had good wishes and support which has helped me cope with Finlays illness, just knowing others know how you feel helps, i love the photos the accounts of what our setters get up too,and have found members always willing to give you advice when asked, and if topics get heated i dont get involved (",)

Although ES is "old" compared to Facebook etc., it still has quite a few features missing elsewhere. Apart from probably the biggest membership, there is a wealth of knowledge gathered, traceable via the search function. Try elsewhere for example to trace a few topics so very much related to Irish setters, often missing in breed books. What I remember from the first years of ES, there was good though hot debate, but mostly we agreed to disagree, This was vital, since open and honest debate was until start of the ES difficult to find in Irish setter circles.

I agree, Exclusively Setters is an excellent site:

"A place for Irish Setters owners around the world to share stories & photos of one of the most beautiful dog breeds."

Just as Gene meant it to be from the beginning.

Some join, so stay, some leave. Some contribute regularly, some prefer to quietly read the forum posts, some prefer to admire the photographs... Whatever your interest in Setters: Please feel welcome.




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