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...are your Setters allowed to sleep in/on your beds? `Just asking.....


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I live in a cottage and so even with most of the dogs sleeping downstairs (on the settee and armchair-only one likes her own bed) I can hear them at night. That's important to me that I can hear them if they need me. A few years ago I used to feel so mean going to bed without Magic, at 12 years old she eventually couldn't get up our steep stairs, after sleeping in the bedroom all her life and I had to leave her snuggled up on the settee (as if that's mean). She also needed to go out at midnight and again at 5am for a wee. Sometimes Ian would put her out at 5am and then carry her upstairs and put her on the bed but then I had to carry her back down! What we do for them.
this is what i was thinking about a lot nowadays. my 12-year-old still manages the stairs well (i live in a flat with no elevator in the house), the settee is okey as well, but climbing on the bed is sometimes difficult for her as it is higher. i already thought about sawing 10 cm off the bed legs :-) i just can't really imagine not having her in the bed :-(
also, i started to look for a house with garden and with no stairs, for her comfort - and for the babies that should arrive this year... ;-)
Very caring of you Laura, it reminds me about Amadeus, who had very bad hips. He was falling down the stairs one time and then we decided to move the bedroom downstairs. Now he is gone and the bedroom back upstairs.
And Ursula it is not nasty NOT having the dogs in bed, believe me I know in the springtime have to change to clean sheets every day,
and your dogs are as happy as mine or anyone elses..
You can get little fluffy stairs that you can put by the bed, don't go cutting the legs of it, though I must say the one example I saw was fluffy pink, OK for my granddaughters but not for most. Sure they come in different colours.
right now i put a mattress under the bed, with halv a meter outside the bed frame, this gives her 20 cm help :-)
yes, seen those fluffy stairs on the net, but uh, can't really imagine myself with something fluffy and definately not pink - nor do them who know me, i think :-)))
hey why dont you make yourself some? then you can just use wood and stain, so no fluff and no p!nk. ;-P
Laura no need to saw off legs of bed!! Just buy a dog ramp(as used for dogs getting into high vehicles!! At least I dont have a stairs to worry about!! ;o))
not sure if a ramp would fit into the bedroom :-)))
Ha, ha, ha!

I know exactly what you mean!

Oh how I know this scene....
oh that is great :) My bed is already too small. thinking about getting a california king, but not sure if it will fit in the my (small) room :)




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