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Urgent ***home needed for setter in Ireland

Hi all,

My friends mother in law has had a setter in less than ideal conditions.....on a chain outside, few walks, left outside. She is not a cruel person but we all know how much setters need their exercise and time with family. Well now she has decided to give him to the pound in a few days. I have been going over and over it in my head, i would love to be able to take him, but we have already have a setter, who because we only have a small garden need to give him loadsa exercise every day to keep him happy. Plus we just don't have the money to take on another one. I am heartbroken. Can anybody help? The dog is based in Co. Armagh....PLEASE PLEASE if anyone is interested in taking him on please let me know asap.


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Thanks to Trudy, this setter is finally going to have a better life, i am so pleased and grateful to Trudy
Hi Everyone,
I thought some of you would like an update on Miley, the Irish Setter needing a new home.
On Monday I drove to Armagh to collect him.
I met Miley and his previous owner at a layby, just off the M!.
He jumped into my car with just a little guidance.
He is a lovely lad.
Very tall and thin, with visible ribs. A real adolescent.
He has a lovely temperament and his tail never stops wagging.
He loves his food. I have him on Pro Plan Salmon, the same as my girls and he is putting on weight. Today I added some raw meat and I was really surprised when he ate everything except the meat!
He is head over heels in love with the girls, but they are not exactly keen on his antics. However they are very good with him and play with him until he decides to take a chance with them.
He is very good when I call him, especially for food.
He has never peed or pooed anywhere he shouldn't.
Unfortunately he does not appear to be lead trained, but he has such a sunny disposition and is so responsive, I do not think that will be a problem.
On Sunday I will be handing him over to Dorothy and Jane, and from there he will go to his new home.
Miley is only 11 months and I think he will be easily trained and should make someone very happy.
He really deserves a very good new home.
That is such good news, I am sure there is a very lucky owner out there somewhere that young Miley will have many years of owning. Give that lovely boy a big hug from us all in NZ.
Trudy, i am so relieved! great to hear he is doing so well!
Thanks again
Lovely to hear the update and hope He enjoys his new home!
Nice to have a story with a happy ending - there are many wonderful people in this world and 'Setter' people are some of the best.
Glad all worked out Trudy I thought you would have called with either Gillian or myself for some refreshment before heading back on your journey I know Gillian offered to assist in collecting him but you had arrangements already in place.
Would love to know morre about his new home once he settles in what a wonderful story





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