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I ment to keep a very low profile indeed, but lets have this one as well before I fade quietly in to the background and shut up, shall we? Its dead-safe and every breeder can join in!
How do you name your litters?
Do you start at A?
Do you have a theme, and what is it? Does it follow through all your litters or has each litter a theme of its own?
I grew up during the 60`s and my life was very dominated by the 60`s + 70`s style of (mainly british) music. I went to art school in London during that time, so for me the choice of names for my puppies was easy.
Mainly pop/rock stars.
I pick a star = Beatles, Stones, Elton John, John Lennon etc and then use suitable songtitles for each puppy.
So A John Lennon litter, a Stones litter etc.
Quite fun and makes (so I think) for some great names.
I also once had a puppy-buyer choosing between two dogs, unable to make his mind up. So finally we played both songs and he picked the one he liked the best!
See...THAT was a safe thread was it not! :-)

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Wow, so the pups are already named and registered when the people get them? Can't see that flying here in the States. We hate being told what to do, but most breeders do suggest a litter theme and some names they "might" chose from.

I do have to admit my Ch. WindRose Who's On First?, "Abbott" came with a strong suggestion of what his name SHOULD be. I didn't care . He was the FIRST litter for her.

The puppies should have their pedigree when you sell them. There may be very special circumstances why the registration has not come through, but that is the basic rule.
You hate being told what to do in America?
Well breeders are people too :-) and they also dont like to be told what to do!!!!!!!!!
Its the same with registering horses or cats etc here.
Its always the breeder that decides the name.
What you call the dog/cat/horse or whatever on a daily basis normally has NOTHING to do with the official name.
We prefer to have the papers ready but the Irish Kennel Club has brought in this new rule that all pups must be microchipped first(started 2006)by the breeder before they can be registered!! So most breeders dont want to microchip very small pups, so everything gets delayed!! I agree with you that the breeder should choose the name of their pups(but a list of possibilities can be given to new owners to choose from if you wish also!) I did this with both my litters and gave the river or mountain names for them to choose from(sometimes the owners had a special connection with a river or mountain or whatever theme you have) I gave "Milo" Fane river as I used to live near that river and my first setter used to swim there!!!
Oh, yes, they remember everything. My Swedish girl still gets VERY excited when I greet her with the Swedish HEJ (meaning hello).

i had :-) ok, it was a list of names but i could chose the one i liked most out of those (2 already being picked if i remember right). luckily i chose the pup with this name on her :-)
i like this logo, it contains the name of my girl :)
How cool is that? I love it. Did you design it yourself? Is her name Melody?

Hi Loma, no, her reg. name is Music'N' Paws. The logo is the one of a dog-training organisation, you can take a look at it here: http://www.paws-n-music.co.uk/
I like the notion that you can look at the name of the dog and figure out which litter it came from. That is why I like the alphabet naming - even though some letters are quite "unusual" for names. But also, I do like the theme naming and would use it to further narrow down the name options. For example - "A" and Elvis' song titles : **** Always on my mind :)

Fortunately, I had an option of picking a name out of four (boy) choices for my dog. I thought that it was quite nice of the breeder to do that as he was postponing the tattooing of the puppies until I picked it out. It was not hard at all- at least on my part. :) I like silly and mischievous dogs, so Hocus Pocus just popped out :) I have already picked out the call name even before the dog ( I thought first I was getting a girl). It was between Loki and Lego, but after I picked Hocus Pocus I did not want to double dare the faith and get a REALLY mischievous doggie HAHAHAH
they do live up ( or down?) to their call/registered names, don't they????
All Irish names.

Like Aislinn (daydream), Banshee (ghost), Carroll (writer of Alice in Wonderland), Daly (poet), Echlin, Flan (bloodred) and Giulla.

I liked names behind Derrycarne Harp like Alcoholic, Liquer etc. so theres a few Irish alcohol in as well like Egan (old Irish whiskey) and Guinness of course. Irish legends as well.

More have two callnames - for when you either love or hate them.....
In Poland all names in one litter must start with the same letter. I decided I´ll be going in alphabetics. So first litter will be "A" litter.
I prefer long (2-3 words) names in english. Long names are more intersting and original for me than short. New owner can choose for puppy call name but don't take into account show/kennel name. Most people don't change puppy name if name is short. Owner won't say to dog for example: 'AGAINST THE WIND come here' so he/she will use short (call) name which they carated.
I wanted create rhyme names (Come Here My Dear, Long Irish Song) but it's to hard for me and I resigned.
I like simple names (for example Fantastic Feeling, Ginger Girl)
I'm looking for names ("A" litter) maybe you help me? ;) Some of my ideas:
- ALMOST AN ANGEL for naughty puppy ;)
Agnieszka, I have a long list of A-names, collected for a pointer friend, I will look for it and send it to you, ok?
Great! I will be very grateful for sending to me your A-names propositions.




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