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Just curious as to what the (in?)famous Harry looks like! Does anyone have a photo they an post here?

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And where - when I klicked on the link there was nothing much but text I cannot understand...
My guess is that's Harry behind the fully-red Irish Setter on the right in the only photo that has four dogs. I, too, am singal-lingual!!!

I am not single lingual - but I speak German as my mother tongue and English.
Just a quick comment: If you click on the english flag on the website, magic will happen :)
I saw it - but I could not see much of Harry - don't you agree that it is not really much of a photo!
Found more photos (two) of Harry on that same website! Go to the homepage:


If you're lingually impaired as I am, click on the Eng Flag, then on:

"Youth on a River...."

There's a series of three photos there, two of which contain almost full-body shots of Harry. I think!

Thanks to everyone - of course I did all that - but there is not really a shot that really shows much!
Harry's history is in pics since birth - in a lot of magazines as well.

In my eyes those provide moments of enjoying for all Irish setter fanciers, as it provides a face on facts of centuries of often hidden history. Not yet world dog politics involved at birth - just waiting for an adventurous future. Harry sure had one worldwide.

And yes Annette Mesicek I'd like to show pictures, but we are heading for the hunting season here. So Harry can wait a while....
Harry's pics may have been in many magazines and other places and he may have been all over the world, but Ihave neither seen him or a decent picture of him or I would not ask! A shame...
Some of the photos are of Harry. A couple of the photos I recognise as Irish dogs that I put on the Irish club website, no connection with Gerard or Harry. Unless Harry has been getting around more than we think !
The photos marked Field Trial 2006 are certainly not Gerard's dogs, they were taken at the IRWS Confined Stake in Ireland in 2006. The dog on point is Desi Linton's Dairerose Blessing in Disguise , the photo showing two heads is I think also two of Desi's dogs. I put these photos on the Irish Club website, so I guess Gerard has "borrowed" them for his website
The one marked MrX is I think Craigrua Exile who went to the US, but I could be wrong. Unless he is back in Europe again?




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