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Hello all,

I watched Big Red for the first time last night - fantastic acting ;-) but beautiful dogs. I('m intrigued as to how pups can grow so fast in such a short space of time...good old Disney!)


Anyway.  I am slightly curious.  Was that made in Canada?  If so, does anyone know the lines of the dogs that were in the film?  I'm trying to figure them out to see if they were related to my cousin's setters in any way.  There can't have been that many setters around to start the Canadian lines off!


Other news, Ollie has come back from his grooming parlour today, they've done a fair job but we still can't get the feathering right on the front legs, it looks a bit blunt cut.  As a total novice can someone advise how you get that nice feathery light effect when you give them a trim?



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Blunt cut?


Do you mean the groomer has shortened the leg feathering?


We don't do that.............it's just left natural.

My pup seems to grow that fast!

Big Red (Ch. Red Aye Scraps) was owned by Lawrence & Eleanor Heist from Fontana, California.

The movie was filmed in Quebec.

Does anyone know AM/MEX Ch Red Aye Scraps UD date of birth and the name of his breeder?

His Dam was Lady Sheila O'Shangabragh and his Sire was Marted Sheila O'Shaughnessy CD. I have the lines behind his dam but nothing behind his sire.

Does anyone have his sire's pedigree, or even part of it?

Best wishes,


Correction..........his sire was Marted O'Shaughnessy CD, not as previously stated. So now I am just looking for his date of birth and the name of his breeder. Someone out there must have this information surely?
Never been bored watching Big Red

Klik on the link ..

and you learn more about Big Red




Greetings Frans de Vos

I saw Big Red about half a dozen times as a child.........my mother fancied Walter Pidgeon!!

I suppose somebody had to!

I haven't seen the film for years but I did enjoy it.

Thanks Henk,I don't have to buy the film now!




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