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What are the known origins of the black spot on the tongue's dorsal surface of some Irish setters? Does anyone know? It's only found in certain lines. When I was in setters 40 years ago I was told but have forgotten. John

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I know my sister in law bred Goldens for many years and she had one male, Sunny who had that. All the males in three litters had the birthmark they called it. But only the boys. I will be curious to read about this should someone know more about it. She only bred three litter for pets, I am wondering if it allowed in show dogs? Sunny has the most wonderful temperment and all his puppies were just as charming.
You would be surprised how many IS do have black tongue spots...............even show dogs. I have had it in the past but only in my males. Maybe it is sex dominant. Tongue spots do not disqualify in the show ring.
Jinty ( Segantii Spirited Suzie) had an oblong mark about 2 cm long on her tongue,
When people noticed it I told them I'd had it tattooed! - and guess what some even believed me!!
Reuben has the black spot too!
Romã has a black spot too, but was the only pup as far as i know in my litter. Neither the mother or the father had it!
My Grainne(Pennally Jumeau) has the black spot on her tongue...her half sister (Pennally Devil Woman) has nt ............. but 3 of her pups ....all males...had it
My Milo has a black spot on his tongue as did his great grandfather Ir.Sh.Ch.Pheasant of Clonageera!! Sounds like something from the Muppet movie Treasure Island;o))))
The three puppies I kept from my first litter had spots. Quite a few each and more noticeable when they yawned as some of the spots were quite a way back on the tongue. I am sure it would be a way of identifying them as each tongues markings must be unique.
I guess when I asked the question I was wondering if we could attribute the black tongue spot in IS's to any particular IS?
My question was triggered by a picture of Aus. Gr Ch Shelomith Vice Regent with his tongue hanging out and a black spot on its dorsal surface. 40 years ago I remember someone saying that the black spot meant that ------- was behind any IS who had that marking. I was just wondering if anyone knew which dog or line that was. I already know that it is in no way is a disqualification for showing nor is it undesirable. I don't know if it is sex linked, a recessive, or why it is random. I just purchased a son out of Hugo and hope he has one-in a way I think it will mark him as special! John
I don't know whether it could be a lineage specific "spot". I have had 8 Irish and I think at least half of them have had the black spot, They have all had similiar lineage, but a couple of them have had some different lineage to the others, so I don't know whether you can link it to a particular lineage?

The breeding of Shelomith Vice Regent is a combination of UK and USA lines. Most of the comments here I think are from owners of UK lines?

All Irish are special, but I do know what you mean. I think my boy is special cause he has the Palmerston stripe!
Hello All,
I noticed this spot on one of my dogs and was told by an old breeder that it was called the 'Wendover Spot'. I don't know how much truth there is in that as I have a Tibetan Spaniel with a black spot on her tounge as well!!
My original dogs had very little Wendover lineage and they all had black tongue spots. They also had the "Palmerston Blaze". Sadly, over successive litters both seem to have disappeared.
To answer John's question I believe it is probably random with regard to pedigree, ie I don't think it is particular to Wendovers, but probably inherited with regard to parentage, much like pigmentation.




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