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Hi everyone,
Our little buddy, gorgeous and expected, has been chewing the last week or so. He's gone to town on his toys and we got him some dental strips to help him out, but unfortunately when he was out in the garden this morning he made his way through the Sky TV cable! He's fine luckily and Sky will come and fix it for nothing, but having observed him all evening he is constantly chewing now. I know this is completely normal for a four month old puppy, and I'm not complaining in the slightest as it's totally expected, hence the bones and the toys. Just wondered if anyone has got any tricks of the trade or can recommend anything just to give him some variety during this stage?

My other question - he tried to hump my dad the other day! Having never owned a male, I was rather surprised as he is so young, but a) would neutering at 6 months solve this and b) would it mess up his fur as I have heard that from several people?

Would really appreciate some responses on this one :-)
Happy new year to you all! xx

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I agree with that. Never neuter a dog unless it's for medical reasons. If you want him neutered because of behaviour problems, wait until he is an adult dog.
Not sure if others here advocate using bitter lime or bitter apple spray to deter dangerous things that ought not be chewed on.
I was lucky Dub wasn't a big chewer, but when he started on a corner of the carpeted stairs, I sprayed the bitter apple on it and one taste of that and he never went to it again. I also used a product called bitter lime that is more greasy like so that it stays icky for a longer time. I had a brand new wooden kitchen set and was so scared he would try his teeth on the wooden legs. I used it on the legs and he never went near them. I do tend to keep my pup gated into the rooms I am in so I can keep an eye on them all the time. Otherwise they have to go to the crate while I shower etc. I worry about electrical cords. So glad your gorgeous pup is okay!
If you look back through the different discussions, you will find plenty that deal with neutering...the for and against.
Good luck with your puppy!

you could try a stuffed kong toy, the red cone shaped one is best if you fill it with some kibble and gravy you can then freeze it, this helps with sore gums and your puppy will also get mental stimulation as well. you can go to the kong website for stuffing ideas. as to the humping it may be a dominance thing rather than a sexual thing at this age.


amanda holly and alfie
the only reason I say 6 months neutering is because that's what the vets advise us to do, they almost put pressure on people to neuter and you have to argue not to. They are the fourth vets I've had throughout the years and every vet has always been the same whether it be with my cats or dogs!

Will definitely try the kong as I know they are sold around here, also will keep an eye out for some of that bitter stuff...

as for the humping, interesting because he never does it to me or Dan, just men that he is not too familiar with, as he did it with my friend Caroline's male friend last night too! Little monkey!
Hi Nicky, you hit the nail right on the head. He never humps you or Dan. The reason is, he accepts the fact that you are both his superiors.

He's trying see if the ''visitors'' will allow him to be above them in the heirarchy. They should just firmly say NO as they gently push him off.

Dawn R.
I have used the kong for chewing for Scout and Hawk and they do work. I also take anything they were chewing on and give them their toy and did not take long for them to understand only to play and chew on their toys. Never had a problem with eiither of them humping anyone. The vets here in the states are very pro spay and neutering. I would not do it unless for health reasons.
Hi my setter is now 8 months old and is still teething. He has always tried to chew our clothes {whilst wearing them) or nip at our hands and anything else he could get his teeth into. I always know when new teeth care coming through because he starts to chew again. I give him large rawhide bones and this always does the trick. I find the retrieiver rolls from pets at home better because they don't have the large knots on each end. The reason I say this is because my dog used to get the knots off the ends and nearly swallow them whole and this of course is dangerous. At the moment he seems to like soft things to chew like his blankets. He has never chewed his blankets before until now. Another thing he has is a ball which I fill with kibble which keeps him busy for ages and takes his mind off chewing. The kong which someone else mentioned is great. I cook pieces of liver and stuff that in the kong as the spray stuff is expensive. Hope this helps.




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