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This will be a lighter discussion topic - or maybe not - one can never be sure with this forum....   ;)


Those who bother to read the personal section of individual member's pages will have noticed that I have labelled myself "1930s incarnate: vintage girl - period property - classic hound". This is not strictly true as apart from red dogs I like most things with a bit of history attached. So much that I have combined my two main interests and have become a collector of vintage photographs, postcards etc. showing Setters. However, I try to restrict myself to Setters and people and the periods 1930s - 1950s (with the odd exception here and there).


Now, I received a long awaited book delivery today called "Forties Fashion" and to my delight I found a picture on the back sleeve showing a model holding the front paws of an IS.... or so I thought... Now here's where you good people come in (and please don't slate me for my ignorance):


The 1 Mio Dollar Question is: Is the dog in the photo an Irish Setter or a Cocker? I mean it seems too small for an IS (and considering the feathering it just cannot be a pup) and it appears too big for a Cocker. Over to you....


P.S. Photo is attached btw.

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Me thinks it is a  Spaniel
Not an Irish setter .... I am not an expert in cocker but if the choice is between those two then definitly a cocker  :-)
Again, I'm no expert but looking at those ears and the shortish tail I'd say Cocker.
Definitely a cocker spaniel not an Irish
I think Cocker too!! I'm sure cockers in the 40's looked different than those we see now;o))
Got to be a spaniel ,legs too short for a setter and ears too long,lovely picture though.Can we see more of your collection?
Definately a cocker.  Cocker head and ears.  Lovely photo though.....more please!!!!
Looks to me like a Spaniel, question is what kind? Cocker, Field etc?

Definitely a cocker - we have both and although we think there are lots of similarities, it's definately a cute cocker!

I think a cocker - and what a 'glam' girl!! I'm loving all these old photos..

I would say it looks as though it could be a cocker to me. xx


Definitely not Irish.  I would guess by the head and body type English Cocker Spaniel.




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