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Hi Everyone I am trying to create a pedigree in pictures for my georgeous boy Haremach That's My Goal

aka Shayne (plenty of pictures of him on my page.

I have had some sucess on my side and some on the sire's side. Any historical photos would be great.

Sire is Danaway Michaelangelo -from Sh Ch Caspians the Music Man of Danaway to Wendover Lorna

Dam is Haremach Intrepid Lady - Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid to Haremach Tiger Lily

Main gaps are on Wendover Lorna from the Irish side of her pedigree

Any help would be great. Peter James has offered his help a few months ago

Thanks - will post a copy of the pedigree shortly

Maggie Mazan

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Hi Maggie, I don't have any pics to help, but look forward to seeing the picture pedigree. cheers, Cheryl
Me too! I think that's a lovely idea. It'll be very interesting to look at any changes in type etc over the course of the pedigree :)
hi Margaret, i have pedigrees with pictures on my homepage (not quite ready yet though), you might want to take a look at it and maybe even find something you need. also, i have a quite big collection of "oldies" on my PC, maybe even something that you could use. let me know.
Hello Maggie

I owned Lorna's father Loughantarve Glenross, he was a very beautiful dog, you can see a couple of pictures of him on my page, I also bred his father Fairuby O'Donovan Rossa, I think I have a photo of him and L Kerry-Erin too but will have to wade though a mountain of photographs ! so could probably let you have pictures of them. What generation are you going back to?

I am going back 5 gens but as far as I can

Can you dig out the photos please and thank you



This is the pedigree

Wilko Jansen have been added a lots of photos on his side, just check it out, I am sure you will find something useful, you just need to ask for his permission first,
Good Luck!
If you haven't already looked try this site:


they have quite a few pictures.

I would also encourage other breeders to send them their pedigree's as it would help them to make them available to others interested in the breed.



Ironically I have just been over to Sweden and brought back a bitch from Lena Ardgard and Olof Nergard - Applegrove!! She is 16 months old Applegrove Nameless but Epic to Haremach (Alva). Currently the Applegrove site isn't being updated as Lena has some issues with her server I think - really lovely people!

I am now trying to construct Alvas pedigree which is quite interesting as her dad is Australian - Pendoric Foggy Perfection http://www.pendoric.com/index.asp?ID=23

an d mum is Applegrove Look at Me I'm Natalie http://applegrove.se/eng/a_dogs.php?01200708



I have a really  lovely photo of O Donovan Rossa taken back in 1994 when he was mated to my Holly. Must root it out.

Yes Please!






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