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Have noticed that there is now a notice on the main page asking for donations to support ES. As you can see it states that it was placed by a 'third party', but no name is given.

Does anyone know who placed this? Is this another scam attempt, or is it genuine? If genuine then can anyone explain what the donations are for?

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i know that Gene mentioned that ning is not for free anylonger - this was 2 years ago or so. as far as i know, he was paying the fees - maybe it would be worth asking him, he is the admin.

It might be worth sending Gene a private message as the site belongs to him, but I wouldn't be surprised if he needed funds to keep the site running, the alternative being advertising.


I also noticed their is a ''Main Room'' for chat as well just since yesterday. I must say that since these changes I'm finding things very slow when I click to change, say from Photos to Forum for instance.


Dawn R.



Thanks for contacting Gene about this, I was talking to another ES member on the phone yesterday and we were questioning the fact that is said "third party" so we too wondered whether where it had come from.  More than happy to donate given how much I look at this site but it would perhaps be useful if there was a short paragraph on the donate link to explain it is to cover site fees etc just to reassure people given how much we are told to be wary of scams these days. 

I have noticed this as well. All I know is that you have to pay for a Ning community nowadays. Sorry, Google only gives me the Dutch page! :-(

Wow, I never thought it would be that much! Everyone should just donate what they are comfortable with and if Gene gets more than he needs then he can put it towards the following year - or a nice bottle of wine or two for all the grief I am sure he gets being the Administrator of this site!

One of the benefits of upgrading or maintaining our current functionality was getting rid of the ads! :-)

Thank you.  I just HATE the ads (even though I worked for many years in advertising).  I was pleased to have donated to help maintain the site as it is.  It is a lovely friendly and informative site and I hope all who use it regularly donate whatever they can afford no matter how small.  It all helps Gene maintain the status quo and I am pleased he explained the financial situation so those of us a little uncertain understood where things stand.  We should all be giving him lots of thanks for doing such a great job and for setting up this site and maintaining it with his time and out of his pocket for so long.  Thank you again Gene.

I wasn't sure how much to give but I have made a donation,I'd hate to lose this group.

I agree totally with Debbie and Liz.  Friendships have been made through this site and people with questions and problems have been able to get advice.  It is a great site.  Please again help Gene if you can.

Sorry, I should have given the community a heads up.  When I created this site in July 2007, I did it on a whim and it was free to set up.  A couple years ago (2009 I think?) Ning started charging for the site.  I have funded the site the last couple years (I think its been about $250/year based on our current plan) but have recently seen more and more sites with the donation option.  I noticed this functionality in Ning (to offer a donate button) and thought I would offer it up to anyone who would maybe like to share the costs of maintaining it.  Have already received several donations that I am very grateful for.  Thanks so much to those of you who have donated.  It is very much appreciated!!

Ning has the option to have the premium model where you charge by features but I don't think that it is fair to give people capabilities and then take them away.

I am not going to let the site expire so this is definitely not a threat.  I will continue to fund it regardless of donations.  

Hope this explains the situation a bit and thanks to anyone that would want to help sponsor the site!


Thank you Gene and thanks to all others for explainig. I too was sceptical first as to who wanted my money... but obviously am happy to donate for such a good cause:-)))

Big thank you Gene, for keeping us going!

Hi Gene,

I just made our $20 (John and Rose Muffett) donation.  I am a newer member and really enjoy this site.  Everyone here is very nice and friendly, wonderful people ...thank you so much for creating this site and keeping it going.  I can only  imagine the work involved ... as updating my own website is a constant struggle to keep everything current.  You do a fantastic job!

My best,

Rose Muffett




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