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i have a friend who's IS just loves eating poo.

she has tried pinnapple, chilly, pumpkin etc and he happily still gobbles it up. she picks up all the time but sorry to say he eats it as the other IS is passing it. so it doesn't matter if it is his or the dogs down the road all yummy to him.

she has tried all the leave it training exercises going.

any ideas?


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Turn your back and dont watch!
That had me laughing out loud!

I wear so many layers out in the wood during the cold months that when a dog lifted his leg on me, I never felt it!

That same dog got me more than once over the winter as well.  I must look like a fire hydrant!

rosie hi.give him ashes from fire with food.if he eat give more.it work.sory for my bud english
I was told the other day that Bananas were the thing to give, something to do with potassium or lack of...haven't tried it myself, but was told it worked, half a Banana....I am going to give it a try anyway...mine re-cycle everything....
Nevermind the dog poo. Any IS out there using the cat toilet as a free buffet?

What a subject!

Arthur broke through to where the cat lit box is and the answer is yes!

I am a bit worried about Dee,I hope she doesn't mean she has the same problem when she says 'haven't tried it myself' ..............!

Hi Tracy,

luckily my friend doesn't have cats. but i am getting a pup later this year, help two indoor cats will have to think of a safe place for the kitty litter tray. 

my old dog loved bananas so not sure if they would help. potash thats a new one will pass it all and other helpful suggestion on.

cheers Rosie


my two girls have started to do this as well - just each others not other dogs.  (Does that make it any better).  Somebody told me to try feeding them a bannana as this is meant to stop them wanting to eat poo.  ???????????????

I think that as mentioned before it is best to clean up asap

Feeding banana made my girl starting eating her own poo:-)




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