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First of all big thanks Gene for this page.
I'm one of late members of ES but really addicted. And this is truly very good place to find many usuful informations about breed. And to meet peoples entirely devoted to setters. And to see lot of wonderful dogs on great shots!

Maybe some resume...

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I agree!! A great BIG THANKS to Gene for starting this way back in 2007!! Thanks for the invite Frances!!!!!!!!!! When I joined I think there were only a few members!!!! Now look at the numbers!! Wonderful!!!;o))
2 years and 1000 Irish Setter lovers... not bad, I'd say:o))
I was among the first few that joined and it is truly amazing how far this site has come. I especially like the fact that there are people from most aspects of setter life here - working, show, obedience, agility, pet, breeders etc Loads of material - photos, videos, links and excellent discussions-
I think 1,000 members is great, even though we have some duplicate memberships! :-)

Seriously, the thanks shouldn't go to me. The thanks need to go to a great core group of members who joined early on.

Alenka, Laura, Lena, Pauliina, Vilja, Frances, Carmel, Charlotte, Nana, Susan, Camilla, Henk, Mirjam, Anna, and many others are the ones that luckily didn’t write off my invitation as spam. They are some (not all) of the key initial members who joined and built it and promoted it, etc., making this site what it is today. They deserve more thanks than I do!
i will always remember and smile on your week 2 update that we had back then: "In looking at all the photos, I learned several things. If I ever come back as a dog, I would want Laura Kolbach of Hungary as my owner/Mom. Her dogs/kids have some great fun based on the number of photos in my action and humor albums! The one titled ‘good looking’ cracks me up with laughter every time I see it."
love you Gene :-)
Thanks for your comments, I joined ES in 2008 and sometimes I read old discussions. I tried to see old photos but this number was too big for me. I dont know what I missed. But winter is comming and long evenings and nights...
Congratulations all concerned, Gene especially. For all of you a few circussetters, one of the few activities not yet portrayed here. Enjoy, in whatever circus you are involved, theres always new horizons.

Totally agree, Henk! :-)
Especially the part about the "new horizon".
Lovely circus story! Thanks Henk;o))




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