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It is impossible to find an active forum for setter owners. I stumbled on this today while searching for others with very thin irish setters. My dog, Dublin, just turned 2 and I hear daily how very skinny he is. I think he looks great just how he is. He is 60lbs and the smallest irish I have owned. Our others were in the 80lb range. But larger boned in general. Dublin's mother was part field setter we were told with his dad show and a very large 90lbs. He must just take after his mom! Either way, whatever he is, to me is gorgeous and the love of our lives. He is lucky to spend two or more hours a day at our dog park running to his hearts content and visiting mainly the people, since he seems to be more into them than other dogs. He has a few favorite dogs to run with but really seems to enjoy the people most. We lost our first irish setter at the early age of 7 to prostrate cancer. He was my husband pal when I married him and we fell in love with the breed. We had a second setter then while raising our young boys and he suffered from horrible skin allergies and we let him go at 7 again. Back then (20 some years ago) they didn't discuss diet and had little to offer in the way of commerical kibble that wasn't a bag of corn. I know that dog would have had a better life today knowing what we know now about them and the great food choices now. We then spent 10 years with a wonderful Brittany who we lost two years ago to kidney failure. He was a great dog and we miss him dearly. So we took a chance on an Irish again. My husband missed his breed. And that is Dublin. A clown, a goof and a lazy boy too. He sleeps till its time for his dog park routine. Like the postman, rain sleet or snow, we are out there. Me, the lady who hates the cold! But for him I would move mountains, I adore this dog so much. I am sure I will post some and learn plenty. Thanks for reading about us.

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welcome here , enjoy your stay!

Welcome to this site! This is THE place for all discussions, forums and stories of Irish Setters round the world!
Its fantastic, thank you. I watched every irish setter video on youtube and I love seeing them from other countries where they seem to be more popular.
Dublin(great name by the way!!) sounds like a wonderful setter and so typical!!!! You will enjoy this site!!
Thanks so much. What a great site, seems so easy to upload and navigate compared to others. And just Setters! What a dream come true.
welcome and enjoy
Welcome Susan & Dublin. You hit a chord with me as my first Irish, suffered very bad skin problems too, all those years ago, and when you see the posters & info at the vets these days, I often feel sad that compared to today more couldn't have been done to help her. My boy, Seamus is 16 months old & is 30kgs which I think is around 66 lbs and he looks fine. I too am out in all weathers for his exercise, or I would get no peace! Enjoy this site, everyone is so lovely - and it still amazes me that we are all scattered around the globe, but our love of Irish has brought us together.
Welcome Susan!

Dublin is a beauty. I can see he is smart. On the picture, he looks very critical, almost like a philosopher.

It is good to meet setter lovers around the world.
I joined about five months ago, and got heaps of good advice and information. Good that you found this site.

Skinny dogs: Your dog may be skinny, and so are mine.
Dublin is a runner. Runners are skinny. They don't want to carry too much weight.

I live in Australia and hear the same word every single day. Our girl Gina is 8 months old and you can see her ribs. Anton is a bit heavier, but still classified as "skinny". But just compare: many dogs are simply obese. I am proud of our two red beauties racing up and down the beach.

I wish you all the best with Dublin, heaps of fun, happiness and people sharing your bliss. And of course - good health and a long long life together! Hope to read a lot from Dublin and you.

Hello from Rockingham, Western Australia
Hi , To tell if your dog is too skinney, do his pin bones stick up?.These are just above his tail.When a dog is too thin they protrude like 2 triangles sticking up across the tail end of the animal.These should be well covered.
Actually they do rather stick up. Boney butt I call him. But honestly I think he is just thin by nature. He eats about 5 cups of food a day besides goodies and just burns it off. He is long, lanky and leggy. I hear everyday how thin he is and how tall he is. Friends call him sticks referring to his legs. But our vet said he is just fine so I guess it's okay. I know from having overweight dogs in the past, once you get fat, you can't get back. At least not without tons of work. And I do have him on Salmon dog food with no corn or wheat, so he is on a healthy diet.
Welcome to the site. Enjoy.
Welcome, your Dublin looks a lovely boy




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