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I know for sure I am not the only Neurotic Setter owner here.....

My sister in law had the nerve to tell my husband the other day (her brother) that he should convince me I need to see a therapist.  She said I am neurotic about my dog Cash.  I haven't replied to her since I am still fuming over her comment.  And she was serious when she said that to him.  If course he told me because his sister is a trouble maker and he thought it was funny.  Okay we adore our dog.  Yes I do think he is the cats meow.  Yes I do rearrange my day to be with him every afternoon for our time together when humanly possible.  If I can't leave work then my husband gets six phone calls to remind him that Cash needs his romp and walk.  That is the highlight of our day.  Spending outdoor time with him.  He must be exercised.  It isn't like a special thing we do on a nice summers day a few times a year like she does with her dog.  It is part of what makes him a great dog and a healthy dog.  Am I strange because I will rush home if I am gone too long to be with him knowing he misses us?  I thought most people had a dog to be with them!  Not park them in their house while they run around all day.  (That is her!)  Anyway has anyone told you that they felt your dog was too important to you?  Or you are not well because of that?  I have a feeling others have had people say things as well.  Screw them is my attitude.  They don't get it at all.  I know my dog park pals get it because they are out their in the harshest of weather walking with me and enjoying our time with our dogs.  I have to think of a good response to her comment.  I normally can, but I am still so speechless about her remark that I haven't decided what exactly I will say to her when I see her.  This coming from a woman who spends all her days shopping! 

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Hi Sue,

I'm sure you are going to get many, many replies to your post here.  All of what you have written here makes absolute sense to me.  I do exacty the same thing & yes, I too have had 'friends!!!', tell me my dog (dogs), shouldn't be so important to me.  I get many of those 'looks' which I have learnt very quickly to ignore.   Whenever we are away from home, whether it be 30 mins, or a few hours, I always want to know that my girl is safe & happy.  We leave a radio/tv on whenever not home & have a dog door so she can always be where she wants to be, which is mostly on my bed. 

I wouldn't worry about this sister-in-law of yours Sue and I think you just need to feel sorry for her, because she has never known the love & devotion that a dog can give & visa versa.  Let her do her fancy shopping.  I'll take hanging out with my dog anytime. 


just ignore the silly remarks not worth the hassel expecially as it is family. put it down to possible jealousy never to know the wonderful bond you have with Cash.

i think we are all crazy about our Reds and do anything to be sure they are well and happy and run our lives around them, i mean what else is so important as them.

good luck Rosie


I,too, have been told that I care too much about my dogs.I always get back as soon as I can to them if I am out,their welfare is important.

I would ignore your sister -in-law.She is probably jealous of your happiness and the love you give to and receive from Cash.

As I was reading I thought she must be jealous too.

 Anyway I would laugh and say that Cash is what keeps you sane and not in need of a therapist!! I know our beautiful boys and girls have helped us through some pretty rough times and I'd do anything for them.

Dont worry Sue!! You are the normal one;o))) People who shop too much should be seeing a therapist;o))

I worry when I am away from my red family, even if it is only a few hours (not very often, as I work at home)

Thankfully my friends and family do understand, I Think??;o)))))

It is your sister-in-law that doesn't 'get' it and who obviously doesn't love her dog like you and other like minded people.  My mother had a managerial job and as she insisted I leave the family dogs (an Irish Setter and Labrador) with her (to make sure I continue to come home each week to see the dogs I suspect), she would leave her job and drive an hour home just to feed the dogs, give them some love and attention and then go out to do more business that evening or social event.  She would never not inconvenience herself not to go home and check on the dogs, feed them and give them some attention before having to rush out again.  When I'd stay when my mother was away on business, I'd rush home from my job late at night and put the dogs in the car and drive to a oval nearby (luckily it was lit so I could see) so they could go for a run and have some fun before going home to feed them and myself.  I can't tell you how many people thought my mother and I were crazy running ourselves 'ragged' making sure our dogs were well taken care of.  I don't what you can say to your sister-in-law next time you see her.  I think you need to feel pity for her that she doesn't feel like you do.  No amount of shopping will ever get her an ounce of real joy and happiness - at best momentarily but it doesn't last that feeling so she has to go out again to shop to try to get that feeling again. I suspect she doesn't get the love you get from your dogs even from her human relationships.  Like others have said, it is jeolousy on her part.  Shopping is a way of trying to fill up a hole in her heart but no matter what she buys, she will never fill it.  You are way ahead of her.  Stop worrying and concentrate on enjoying your beautiful dogs.
we have a company newsletter with a section called "strange people with weird/interesting hobbies" - guess who was the first to be interviewed... yes, Laura the dog-fanatic :-)
Sue weve all known for ages you were nuts about Cash! Have we suggested therapy?

Sue, I recognize the path.. Our lifes (mine and my husband) literally revolve around walking/woods/forests- sometimes the only serious shopping we have time to do during the week end is the meat for Oberon, we can always just get a sandwich:)


But, hey, its sooo great to see how an happy dog is him:)




Ah well, she's right isn't she... you are holding a mirror in your hand that shows all of us! :-)) Just don't waste money on a therapist, your therapist might end up wanting to get a setter himself!


Where did I read this one: "You don't have to be mad to have a setter - but it certainly helps!" ;o))

Sue the best response you can have is totally ignoring her comment. Nothing could hurt her more than being ignored. Just enjoy your life with your very dear boy, and forget about these people (alas, she is not the only one thinking that way :-(  Not worth spending even 1 minute listening to this, unless you can laugh about it....  some people can do it, I still have to learn .. and a lot  :-(

This is the thoughts of someone who is more than nutter about her dogs, behind salvation  :-)  and proud of it  :-)




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