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Does anyone know if the Kennel Club (UK) have any restrictions on how many litters can be registered for a bitch in a 12 month period.  I always thought there was but I have looked on the website and cannot find anything written about it.  I know some of the breed clubs (if not all of them) have it written in their Code Of Ethics.  The reason I am asking is the latest Breed Record Supplement is showing an Irish Setter bitch having a litter on 16th April 2011 and another on 30th December 2011 so only 8 and a half months apart and obviously mated on consecutive seasons.

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In the agreement to become an Assured Breeders they must agree to meet all the requirements of the Animal Walfare Act, so the Cocker breeder is in breech and the KC will act. Let them know the details

Rules from the Dutch ISC are, bitches can only have 3 litters. The minimum time between the litters is 12 months. The minimum age for the first litter is 24 months, the maximum for the last litter is 96 months.

The Rule on a 12 month gap between litters is law and is covered by the Walfare of Dogs Act. But the law only applies to breeders who are registered with their local authority as a business, you have to register if you breed more that 4 litters in one year. those who breed 4 litters or less do not have to register and so do not have to comply. The reason the law was introduced was to stop Puppy Farmers from exploiting their bitches.

The Kennel Club for legal reasons are registering these litters from non registered breeders, but I know that they are looking for the law to include all breeders. If nothing else though, we know who these callous breeders are, the best thing you can all do is write to your breed clubs and tell them what you think. If the breeders are members of any of the clubs they are in breech of the clubs code of ethics and the club will take action. A whole lot of letters that can be forwarded to the KC, can only help them to forward their case.

Rosie, what you say is true.  The KC only recommend that breeders are mindful of the Welfare of Dogs Act.  It will not register a litter from a bitch who is under a year old (far too young for an IS) and over eight years of age (without a veterinary check,  accompanying letter and prior permission from the KC).  Luckily now they will not register more than four litters from a bitch.  Breed Club Codes of Ethics are in place but only for those breeders (and stud dog owners) who choose to be members and who choose to abide by them. 

As the Breed Clubs are the voice of their members I do believe that they should lobby the KC to have the 12 month rule put in place.  Certainly this subject should be tabled at  any future joint Breed Clubs meeting for proactive discussion.

Thanks for everyones input.  This breeder is not personally known to me. She is not an assured breeder and is not a member of any breed club.  Five of her dogs were tested for gpra-rcd1 last year so obviously status was unknown and their litters could not be registered until the tests were carried out. There are no test results for gpra-rcd4 and the owner is probably totally unaware the condition or a test for it exists.  They are not hip scored and they have never had their eyes examined by a veterinary opthalmologist.  She has now bred from two bitches with only a few months between their litters but it seems no one can do anything as in the eyes of the law she is doing nothing wrong.  In total the four bitches she has bred from have had eleven litters (107 puppies) since 2008 although one of them was registered in someone elses name for her first two litters.  However she did have five litters last year (& advertised a crossbred litter) but I don't know if she is registered with her local authority as a business. So until the Kennel Club change that rule to only have one litter per year nothing can be done about it. Saddens me.

The victorian rules only apply to registered breeders of Dogs Victoria. The Department of Primary Industry is working towards more rules for dog breeding companies but again it is slow. The best thing Angela is what you are doing. Checking the breeding practices of the dog and bitch owner and voting with your feet. I often feel a campaign to educate the public on if you can't see the dam with her pups then think twice would be good. It is so important to see not only how the dam looks after her pups but how the 'breeder' looks after the both of them that matters.

Clause 17 of the General Code of Ethics of the Irish Setters Breeders Club states:

(All members of the ISBC undertake to abide by its General Code of Ethics)

Will agree not to breed from bitches less than 2 years of age and to ensure a minimum period of twelve months between litters for a bitch. ...

The breeder is not a member of the ISBC or any other club apparently so their code of ethics doesn't matter.

I agree with Sue, contact your local authorities and make them aware of the situation.

Finn, it seems the UK Kennel Club does not have a requirement for 12 months between litters.  However, if breeders are 'Assured Breeders' then yes the 12 months between litters does apply.  Personally if one of my bitches had problems with whelping a litter I wouldn't ever mate her again as I wouldn't want to risk her life. 

When I mated Hollywood Madam to Zagar, her puppies came early and I had to get permission from the KC to register them as they were born 2 days before her previous litters 1st birthday. I know I could have moved the dates but I hope I have always done things "proper"

The father from this litter is mine and I can tell you I'm verry careful consurning matings. Not like some people . For each country the rules are diverend. Concerning the Kennelclub rules for Belgium ( they give the pedigrees and not the Irish setter club ) If the bitch is in a good condition you can have two litters straight after each other .Then you have to wait two year before you wish to have and other litter from her.  This bitsh was in a good condition and healthy you could not tell she had a litter 10 months before. May I ask everyone before you criticize someone you have to know the facts first. Also this breeder is in oder with the Belgium kennelclub and also with the Irish setter club.

How I see it: fact puppies born in october 2012, one pup still available, 

                  again puppies born around this time of the month

If this bitch is healthy or not, the fact is "kassa, kassa" lot's of Euro"s, that are facts.

I cannot imagine that you do this with love for the breed.

When I saw this anouncement on the site it made my really angry and upset, I don't want to start a bad discussions here, I was just shocked .




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