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5 puppies of the litter between my Irish Setter male dog Lohmann’s Milan and the bitch Lohmann’s Krambambuli at the Kennel Wenzl’s Master of desaster have more or less a white line on their heads. Somewhere I’ve read something of the “Palmerston-line”. The white line on their heads could be a criteria of their ancestry going back on of the founding dogs of that Irish Setter race Ch.Palmerston, KCSB 5138. I’ve read in the book “Pointer und Setter” of Waldemar Marr, that Palmerston was a single-colored Irish Setter with a white blaze on his head and that he was a strong inheritor. A sign of a closer relationship to that ancestor Palmerston could be the “Palmerston-line” – a white line on the heads.
So I have read only that Palmerston was a “big Champion with many titles” – so my question is: what titles? Working titles or Showtitels? And the other question is: could anyone show my more pictures of Palmerston on which you can see the white blaze?

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yup, I read somewhere that the person who was taking care of it threw it away as it became infested with moths. He was a hit at dog shows because of his lean and elegant skull that was much different than the dogs of that time.
Slightly off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone else here had puppies born with white "milk chins"? Fionn's litter all had cute little milk chins when they were born, but they all turned red by around 6-8 weeks of age. They looked very cute with their white chins.
Soory, but what do you mean by milk chin??

Ooo, now I see. Cute. ;))
I think everyone knows I love white on setters!! Most of Rua's pups have had some white(mostly the "milk chins" but also one with small white stripe on head and one with white on throat and one with huge white chest!! Lovely;o)) Abbey has small milk chin and lovely white on chest(still very visible) And any decent judge will love the white too!!!;o) Beautiful pups Michaela and Ursula!!!
I'm with you and everyone else that likes white on the Irish ''Red'' I just hope that I get some on my puppies, and on the one I hope to keep...Fingers crossed, as always!!!!
Our pup Snoopy has a milk chin, and luckely she still have som left even now when she is 6 months :)
She is from Elin Wittusens US kennel in Norway and she has very often milk chins and white markings on her dogs chest.
Her are two examples, the first is US Red and the other is our US Snoop dogg:
Ursula, those pics are SO cute! I love that little white chin. It's so kissable :)
I had two puppies with white star in my first litter:

our dog Lord has also one:

It nealy dissapeared in the meantime, there are only few white hairs left.

I dont think that my dogs are related to palmerstons.
that is the father of my puppies:
his mother was imported from england, the father was from begium:

So sorry Michaela, been searching for a snip on Ch Palmerston or a star on his son Ch Garryowen but although there is a wealth of paintings, drawings and pictures of last one, no star is to be seen. So hidden in the past, maybe with reason.

Also hidden in the past is that our famous Ch Garryowen had some white forbidden in the standard (for which he was the model!!!!), in the neck. Just like the first champion of Irish setters, Bob. Hopefully you can enjoy this pup showing the forbidden -but treasured here!- so called snakewhite and a blazes.

Difficult to imagine that in dark pages of breeds history it was not kissable but killing white eh!




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